Including installation & GST

Sometimes a voice intercom is the right choice. Aiphone have been making intercoms for over 40 years and still make the best affordable intercoms on the market.

This system has crisp, clear audio and adjustable chime volume.

Easy upgrade from traditional ‘ding-dong’ doorbell – uses the same wires.

What Does It Do?

  • Crystal clear audio
  • Adjustable chime volume
  • Door release button
  • Optional desk stand available
  • Door release function or unlock electric gate or roller door

Recommended For:

  1. Single storey homes, offices
  2. Multi storey homes as a replacement for an existing ‘ding-dong; doorbell or older audio or video intercom
  3. Multi-storey homes under construction – cabling can be installed at frame stage


  1. Add up to 4 door stations
  2. Desk kit available for room station
  3. Door release button can unlock front door, gate or roller door

Questions? Speak to one of our Experts!!

Things to consider when shopping for a video intercom:

  1. Intercoms need cabling. (Except the new Aiphone Cordless Video Intercom is completely wire free
  2. The Room Station needs to be connected to power. It also needs a cable run between it and the door station.
  3. If you want to view the intercom while you’re away from home or use it as a security device to deter intruders the room station will also need to be connected to your internet router (some intercom systems need a cable for this some models use wi-fi).
  4. If your intercom is for a single story home with ceiling access, any of the intercoms shown here can be used.
  5. If you’re building a new multi-level home, ask the electrician to run cables during the frame stage for your intercom. We can advise on type and locations of cabling.
  6. If you need a video intercom for a multi storey home or apartment AND you have an existing hardwired doorbell or older voice or video intercom any of the intercoms shown SHOULD be ok to use. (subject to site inspection)