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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

Home alarm systems in Melbourne have become increasingly popular as a reliable way to secure your home and ensuring the safety of your family.

 With the growing concerns about break-ins and property theft and home invasions, it is essential for you to invest in a reliable and efficient home security system. 

By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and valuables are protected.

When choosing a home alarm system in Melbourne, it’s important to consider the different types of systems available in the market – there are so many! 

This will help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

 It’s crucial to evaluate factors such as:

  • the level of protection each system offers,
  • the area of coverage,
  • the technology utilised.
  • ease of use
  • is there a free app available to monitor the system myself?
  • is there an option for Professional Monitoring if I need it? (you probably don’t!)

Home alarm systems in Melbourne come in various forms, such as wired or wireless systems, with a wide range of functionalities, including motion sensors (pet-friendly and standard) , door and window contacts, glass break detectors, and remote monitoring capabilities. 

By discovering exactly what’s currently available in home security, then evaluating your individual needs and preferences, you can select the most suitable security solution to keep your home safe and secure.

Peace of Mind

Installing a home alarm system can significantly enhance your
peace of mind. 

When you have a reliable security system in place, you
can feel more at ease knowing that your home and family are

An alarm system can also give you the confidence to leave
your home unattended, whether you’re going to work or on an extended

Protection from Burglary

A primary reason for investing in a home alarm system is to protect your property from burglaries. 

Most burglars are opportunistic and will target homes that are less secure. A well-secured home is less likely to be targeted, and even if a break-in attempt occurs, the alarm system can alert you, your neighbours or the police if a genuine break-in is occurring. 

This deters burglars and helps to minimise the risk of theft or damage to your home.

Fire and Temperature Alerts

Home alarm systems not only protect against burglaries but also provide potentially life-saving alerts for fires and hazardous temperature changes. 

Smoke detectors and heat sensors can be integrated into your home alarm system, providing 24/7 monitoring for signs of fire. This feature allows you to react quickly to fire emergencies, protecting your family and belongings.

In addition to fires, extreme temperature changes can also pose risks to your home.

 A sudden drop in temperature can lead to frozen pipes that may burst, causing significant damage. 

Conversely, a rapid increase in temperature could indicate malfunctioning appliances or other hazards. Integrating temperature sensors into your alarm system can help you prevent these issues and take timely action.


So, ensure the safety of your home and loved ones by investing in a home alarm system, which offers protection from burglary, fire, and temperature fluctuations, while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Types of Home Alarm Systems

Wired Systems

Wired home alarm systems use cables to connect all the different parts of your alarm system: detectors, sirens codepads sensors to monitor your home. 

These systems are typically reliable and can be cost-effective. However, they require professional installation and can be more challenging to update or expand. Some of the advantages of wired systems include:

  • Reliability: Wired systems are reliable and don’t need a lot of regular maintenance. The systems are self checking and alert you if there are any issues you need to know about.

  • Power source: Since these systems are powered from your home’s electrical system so you never need to worry about batteries running low and needing to be replaced

Some of the disadvantages or wired alarm systems are:

Cable access – sometimes it’s just not possible to get a cable in the ideal place for codepads and detectors. This means you may have to compromise on the locations of some parts of the system.

Long Installation Times: We’re all busy so it’s not always possible to set aside a full day to allow an installer to crawl around in your roof running cables for the alarm system

Wireless Systems

Wireless home security systems operate on radio frequencies rather
than cables. This makes them easier to install and allows for greater
flexibility when positioning sensors and devices. Here are some key
features of wireless systems:

  • Ease of installation: Since there are no wires to run these
    systems can be installed in an hour or so by a professional
    installer. You can often set up these systems yourself and easily
    move them if needed.

  • Expandability: Wireless systems can be easily expanded and
    updated with new devices as your needs change.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems integrate your home alarm with other smart devices, allowing for remote monitoring and control through your smartphone or tablet. These systems offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Remote control: You can monitor and manage your security system from anywhere using your mobile device.

  • Integration: Smart home security systems can be connected to other smart devices in your home, such as lights and thermostats, for a more integrated and automated experience.

  • Customisation: You can personalise your smart home security system using different devices and settings to best suit your needs and preferences.

Remember to compare the features and costs of these different types of home alarm systems to determine which one is best suited for your specific requirements and preferences.

Key Components of a Home Alarm System

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are essential for detecting any suspicious movement in and around your property. They are designed to detect changes in the environment and trigger an alarm when someone enters a protected area.


If you intend to leave your precious pets inside when the alarm system armed, you’ll need pet-friendly detectors. 

You can also add outdoor motion sensors to your system to provide you with an early warning if someone enters your property. 

There are different types of motion sensors, such as passive infrared (PIR), ultrasonic, and microwave. 

To optimise your home security, some sensors can be active while you’re sleeping (living areas and the garage for example,) while the sensors in the sleeping areas can be inactive.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have become a popular part of home alarm systems. 

They allow you to monitor and record activity around your property, providing valuable evidence in case of a security breach. It’s crucial to choose the right type of camera for your needs:

  • Indoor cameras are designed for use inside your home, offering high-resolution footage and night vision capabilities. They can be automatically disabled when the home is occupied to protect your privacy.

  • Outdoor cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and typically come with infrared night vision. for clear images in low light. The newest systems use Artificial Intelligence to detect the presence of people and alert you as soon as someone sets foot on your property.

When installing security cameras, it’s essential to consider strategic locations such as entry points, the driveway the backyard and the sides of your home. 

It’s also worth adding a camera to external equipment sheds or caravan storage areas, as well as other vulnerable spots. 

When installed and set up correctly, security cameras are an indispensable addition to your home security system

Sirens and Alarms

Sirens and alarms serve as the primary deterrents in a home alarm system. When triggered, these devices emit high-pitched noises to alert you and your neighbours of a potential security breach and scare off intruders. Here are some factors to consider when choosing sirens and alarms for your system:

  • Decibel level: A loud siren (typically around 120dB) is essential for attracting attention and scaring away intruders.

  • Visual alerts: External sirens and strobe lights can be added to provide a visual indication of an alarm, increasing its effectiveness. Cameras are also a great visual deterrant.

By installing a comprehensive home alarm system, you will significantly improve the security of your property. Make sure to choose the right combination of motion sensors, security cameras, sirens, and alarms, and consult an expert if you need help creating the perfect security setup for your home.

Top Brands and Features

When it comes to home alarm systems in Melbourne, there are a few top brands that stand out. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of alarm systems from Bosch, Hikvision-Pyronix, and Honeywell.


Bosch offers a range of high-quality security solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Some key features of Bosch alarm systems include:

  • Intuitive user interface: Bosch systems are easy to use, with user-friendly keypads and mobile app integration to manage your alarm system.

  • Customisation: You can choose from a variety of detectors, such as motion detectors (pet-friendly and standard) door and window sensors, and glass break sensors.
  • Night Mode Arming
  • Self Monitoring app

Bosch’s reputation for reliability (although I have  noticed this is slipping in recent years) and quality make their systems a resonable choice when it comes to securing your home.


Hikvision are well known in the CCTV business. After buying out Pyronix, a well-established and highly regarded wireless security system manufacturer, they are now dominating the home alarm system space as well.

Their latest AX PRO wireless alarm system is streets ahead of anything currently available from Bosch, Ness, Hills and other long-established traditional alarm system manufacturers.

Key features include:

All wireless components. This includes sirens, codepads, door/window switches as well as motion sensors.

Free full-featured app: arm, disarm and receive notifications from your smart phone. Includes a panic button that alerts all other app users in your ‘security-circle’ if you need assistance. It even pin-points your exact location on Google Maps. No other free app come close.

True CCTV integration. Enhance your home security by combining a Hikvision security cameras with your AX Pro alarm system

Hikvision’s expertise in video surveillance makes their home alarm systems a trustworthy and versatile choice.


Dahua is a leading manufacturer of security cameras and video surveillance systems. :

  • Versatile options: Dahua systems are suitable for homes of all sizes, from apartments to large family homes.

  • Remote access: Manage and monitor your Dahua security cameras through a free mobile app wherever you are.

  • Intelligent Detection: receive alerts in realtime when the cameras detect a person on your property. Completley ignores animals, trees, rain and other causes of false alarms in other CCTV systems

Dahua’s expertise in video surveillance makes their home alarm systems a trustworthy and versatile choice.

DIY Systems

It’s now possible to easily install a home alarm system yourself. There are heaps of systems available, some good, some not bad and some pretty poor.

If this is something you want to explore, read this review of the 3 best alarm systems for DIY’ers on my other website, Alarmatics.com

A good DIY system should offer these features as a minimum:

  • Completely Wireless : All components of the system (sensors, sirens, codepad) must be wireless

  • Simple installation: The installation and set-up must be easy and require no tools (maybe a screwdriver could be required).

    Download the installation guide before you purchase a system to make sure all the steps are clearly explained. If the installation guide is not available until after you purchase the system, move on – choose another system.

  • Free App: Some of the bigger players in the home alarm systems market are charging a monthly fee for apps that were free at the time of purchasing the system. There are lots of systems that provide professional-grade apps for free. Don’t choose a system that charges a pay for a subscription fee.

CCTV and Surveillance Options

As you explore home alarm systems in Melbourne, considering various CCTV and surveillance options is essential for enhancing security. This section will cover a few prominent options that you may find helpful, including video intercom systems, video doorbells, and dome cameras.

Video Intercom Systems


With a video intercom system, you can visually verify who’s at your door before engaging with them. These systems provide you with peace of mind and enable you to communicate with visitors while maintaining your safety. Some key features to look out for in a video intercom system include:

  • High-quality video and audio

  • Night vision capabilities

  • Smartphone integration

  • AI detection and alerting of humans and vehicles

Integrating these features into your home alarm system can significantly improve your home’s security.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are another great option to consider when evaluating your home security needs. These devices typically offer:

  • Live video streaming

  • Two-way communication

  • Motion detection alerts

By having these features, video doorbells allow you to monitor your front door directly from your smartphone or other devices, making it easier to respond to unexpected visitors.

Wireless Cameras

Lastly, wireless cameras offer discreet surveillance for both indoor and outdoor applications. These cameras are particularly useful if you want

  • High Image quality and resolution

  • A free app with AI human and vehicle alerts

  • Siren and voice alerts that the camera plays when an intruder is detected – excellent deterrent!

  • Log on to cameras from anywhere for live streaming in high definition

  • These can easily be installed yourself or by a professional installer.

Incorporating wireless cameras into your home alarm system can provide an additional layer of security and deter potential intruders.

By exploring these CCTV and surveillance options, you can enhance the overall security of your home in Melbourne. Choose the solutions that best suit your needs and enjoy a safer living environment.

Monitoring and Access Control

Professional Back-to-Base Monitoring Services

When choosing a home alarm system in Melbourne, consider adding professional monitoring services. These services provide round-the-clock surveillance of your property and notify authorities in case of a security breach. By selecting a reliable company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected 24/7. Remember to check for:

  • Accreditation and certifications

  • Response times

  • Customer reviews and ratings

Smart Home Automation

In today’s fast-paced world, smart home automation can significantly enhance your home security experience. This technology allows you to remotely manage and monitor various aspects of your alarm system. Some of the features you can enjoy include:

  • Remote access to cameras and sensors

  • Customisable alerts and notifications

  • Integration with other smart devices (e.g. lights, locks and thermostats)

By investing in smart home automation, you can stay in control of your home security even when you’re away.

Installation and Support

Expert Installation

It’s essential to have trained and licensed installers working on your home alarm system. This ensures that the technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to handle your specific alarm system. In addition, having licensed installers provides you with peace of mind, knowing that installers have been thoroughly checked to ensure they are of excellent character and don’t have a criminal record.

  • Experienced: Our installers have years of experience, making them adept at handling various alarm systems.

  • Licensed: Only work with licensed installers to protect both your property and their work. The installer will gladly produce his license for you before he enters your home.

Technical Support

After your home alarm system is installed, it’s crucial to have access to technical support for any questions or issues that may arise. Enjoy comprehensive support from our team, who are always ready to help you with any aspect of your home alarm system. Some benefits of our technical support include:

  • Availability: We’re here to help you whenever you need it, ensuring any issues are resolved quickly.

  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our support team is well-versed in all aspects of home alarm systems, providing you with accurate and helpful information.

  • Friendly Service: We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and approachable support experience to make you feel comfortable when reaching out.

  • Videos: our library of self-help videos cover the most common issues that customers have with their alarm system or security camera system

Remember, efficient installation and support are essential components of any home alarm system in Melbourne. Choose a system backed by expert installers and a helpful support team for the best home security experience.


Home Alarm System Costs and Budget Considerations

Choosing the Right System

When considering a home alarm system in Melbourne, it’s important to factor in both the initial cost of the system and the ongoing expenses. Keep in mind your budget and the specific security needs of your home. Start by evaluating the range of systems available within your budget and determine which features are essential for your property. Make a list of the following features:

  • Control panel: Central hub to control the entire system

  • Sensors: Door, window, and motion sensors to detect unauthorized access

  • Monitoring service: Choose either self-monitoring or professional monitoring to alert authorities in case of a security breach

  • Additional features: Smartphone access, remote control, and home automation compatibility

Once you have a clear understanding of the features offered by different systems, compare the initial cost of the equipment and installation to ensure it fits within your budget.

Money-Back Guarantees

Some home alarm providers offer a money-back guarantee for their systems, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to test the system within your home. 

A money-back guarantee usually offers you a specified trial period (typically 30-60 days) during which you can return the system for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with its performance. This policy can help to alleviate concerns about making a significant investment in a security system and can be a useful factor to consider when making your decision.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee carefully, as there may be specific requirements or conditions for qualifying. 

By doing so, you can ensure you’re fully aware of the process and any potential limitations before relying on this feature to make your final decision.


Regulations and Compliance

Victoria Police Requirements

In order to ensure the security of your home, it’s essential that your home alarm system complies with Victoria Police requirements. These guidelines help maintain a high standard of safety for you and your neighbours. Victoria Police recommend that you:

  • Install an alarm system that has been evaluated and approved by the National Australian Testing Authority (NATA)

  • Use a system that is Standards Australia certified AS 2201.1, which ensures it meets the minimum requirements for intruder alarm systems

  • Ensure that your alarm system is monitored by a Grade A1 facility, providing the best level of security monitoring available


Licensed vs Unlicensed Installers

When it comes to installing a home alarm system in Melbourne, it’s important to know the difference between licensed and unlicensed installers. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Licensed Installers: To obtain a security license, installers must meet certain criteria, which include:

    • Passing a police check

    • Completing relevant training and certification

    • Adhering to industry regulations and standards

    • A licensed installer can provide professional installation services and ensure your system is compliant with Victoria Police requirements, giving you peace of mind.

  • Unlicensed Installers: On the other hand, unlicensed installers may not have the necessary qualifications or adhere to industry standards. This could potentially lead to:

    • Faulty installations that compromise your security

    • Non-compliance with Victoria Police requirements, which may result in fines or penalties for you as the homeowner

To ensure your home alarm system in Melbourne is installed correctly and compliant, it is highly recommended to choose a licensed installer for the job. Remember, your safety and the safety of your home is at stake, so it’s well worth the investment in a professional and reliable installation service.

Additional Home Security Recommendations

Driveway Alarms


In addition to a home alarm system, consider installing a driveway alarm. This type of alarm provides an extra layer of security by alerting you when someone enters your property. Driveway alarms are available in various types, including:

  • Motion-activated: Detects movement within a specified range and activates the alarm.

  • Infrared: Senses heat signatures, reducing false alarms caused by non-human objects.

  • Pressure-sensitive: Triggers the alarm when vehicles or heavy objects pass over pressure pads.

Choose an option that suits your needs and complements your existing security system.

Securing Doors

Securing doors is a fundamental aspect of home security. You can take several steps to enhance the safety of your entry points:

  • Install high-quality locks: Invest in deadbolts and anti-tamper mechanisms for added protection.

  • Reinforce door frames: Strengthen the door frame using metal plates or door jamb armour to resist forceful entry.

  • Consider smart locks: Benefit from keyless access and the ability to monitor door activity remotely.

  • Install door security bars: Add an extra level of physical security to prevent intruders from pushing the door open.

Remember to consistently lock your doors, even when you’re at home.

Securing Gates

Gates serve as your property’s first line of defence, so it’s essential to keep them secure. To fortify your gates, consider these tips:

  • Choose heavy-duty materials: Opt for sturdy materials like iron or steel to make it difficult for intruders to breach.

  • Install secure gate locks: Invest in high-quality padlocks, deadbolts, or smart locks specific to gates.

  • Consider an access control system: Control access to your property using intercom systems, keypads, or biometric scanners.

  • Maintain visibility: Keep the area around your gates well-lit and free of obstructions to deter potential intruders.

By following these additional home security recommendations, you can enhance the effectiveness of your home alarm system and create a safer environment for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right home alarm service provider in Melbourne is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. It’s not just about selecting a system; it’s about choosing a partner that will help ensure the safety and security of your home.

Consider the reputation and customer service of the provider, the range of services they offer, and their pricing and packages. It’s also important to consider the type of home you have and how the system will integrate with any existing smart home devices.

Remember, the best provider for you will understand your unique needs and offer tailored solutions. With the right research and consideration, you can find a home alarm service provider in Melbourne that will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

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