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Dahua 6 MP Starlight CCTV Package

Are You Looking For A Camera System That Delivers Crystal Clear Pictures Even When It's Dark?

Look No Further Than The Dahua 6MP Starlight Package $1649


Receive Instant Alerts 24/7 If an Intruder Sets Foot On Your Property.

Get 24 /7 Protection When You’re Home or Travelling

Feel Safer with The  Dahua 6MP Starlight System

Installed by Police Accredited Factory Trained Installers

Fully Installed For $1649.00

Hundreds Of Dahua CCTV Camera Systems Installed

My team and I have installed many hundreds of Dahua cctv camera systems for happy customers all over Melbourne so

we know what to include in a comprehensive CCTV security system that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Here's What You Get for $1649.00 - includes GST, installation & Training

4 x Dahua 6 megapixel Starlight cameras featuring:

  • Dahua 6mp starlight technology for clear images in very low light conditions

  • microphone so you can see… and hear all the activity around your home

  • waterproof rugged metal housing for vandal resistance and durability

  • infra-red night vision for great images even in complete darkness. IR distance is approximately 30 metres.

  • Uses virtual Intrusion Zones and Trip-Wires to detect unauthorised visitors on your property

1 x 4 Channel Dahua Network Video Recorder (4K) with 2 TB Hard Drive

  • 4 x independent camera channels

  • 2 Terabyte hard drive

  • Cameras can be recorded 24/7, only when Intrusion Zone or Trip-Wire is triggered or via a schedule. Don’t worry our friendly installer will set it up according to your needs and train you on how to change the settings anytime you like.

Motion Detection

Set a customisable motion detection one to detect movement within a camera’s view. Sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce false triggers from trees, cars and other false alarm sources.

Free App Alerts You When an Intrusion is Detected

You can see what’s happening around your home any time using the Dahua app. It’s completely free to download and use, There are absolutely no ongoing fees or charges.

If movement is detected on your property, you’ll be alerted immediately. You’ll also receive a 20 second high definition video clip showing you exactly what triggered the camera.

What Is Dahua Starlight Technology?

It means you get really good images with hardly any light.

Cameras need light to produce an image. Until the Starlight technology came along cameras needed extra lighting at night to give great images. The more light you had in a scene, the better the picture. 

These cameras can produce a clear image in light levels as low as 0.008 Lux.



The Advantages Of Adding Cameras Inside Your Home (Seriously.)

Sounds creepy I know, but hear me out. I’ve been doing this successfully in high-risk premises for years.

No-one ever wants to have cameras installed inside their home….unless it’s done the Melbourne Alarms way.

We can have one or more cameras installed in strategic areas that will record any unwanted visitor inside your home.

The best part is these cameras ONLY work when no-one is at home.

As soon as you return home, the cameras are completely disconnected and are unable to see or record anything at all.

If you really want an effective security system with visual verification it’s something to consider.


Intelligent Security That's Effective

When I speak to customers to find out why they want a CCTV system installed the answer is usually something like: to keep an eye on the house while we’re away’ or ‘to check my cameras if my alarm is triggered.

The first reason is fair enough. It’s good to be able to log on to your cameras when you’re sitting on the beach to make sure the kids have put the bins out or that the neighbors kids aren’t swimming in your pool.

Dumb Cameras Are Useless For Verifying If An Intruder Is In Your Home

If you get a message that you’re alarm has been triggered, it’s obviously because someone in inside your home.

Now, if you only have cameras outside, then you won’t see anything immediately useful by looking at the outside of your home.

In fact, you’re wasting precious response time while you scroll through the various cameras.

However, with one or two cameras, installed discreetly inside your home, you’ll know exactly why the alarm was triggered and be able to respond appropriately.

And remember, Melbourne Alarms unique method of installing cameras INSIDE your home guarantees they are automatically disabled when you’re home and operational only when the house is empty.

These cameras can also be set to only respond to human and vehicle targets. This means you won’t receive false notifications.

Speak to our friendly team for more information.

Don't Settle For Second Best - Use An Expert

With over 40 years of experience, my team and I understand what it takes to get the best out of a security camera system so we have put together this cctv package specifically for home owners.

Don't Wait Another Day to Protect Your Home and Family


Motion detection will detect activity in the Intrusion Zones. Sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce false alarms. s

5 Reasons To Have a CCTV System Installed

  • Hear a noise in the night? you can quickly check the cameras from your phone or iPad

  • Perimetre or early warning alarm. Be alerted as soon as an intruder sets foot on your property

  • Check all is well outside and inside your home while you’re away

  • Check in with on your pets

  • CCTV is a proven visual deterrent. Intruders are less likely to target your home if there’s a chance they’ll be caught on CCTV


Dear Steve, Just want you to know that the system you installed is so easy to use and suits us down to the ground – thanks you so much for taking all the techno-babble out of the advice and providing us with clear factual assessment in everyday language. Your service has been outstanding and your eye for neatness and detail  was so professional. Sincere thanks for everything and it’s so good to know you’re local and only a call away, Cheers

Nancy, Eltham

The installer did a very good job.

He was professional and efficient. The result is very satisfactory for us.

He also explained the working of the system very well.

Mike, Healesville

I wish to thank Steve and Robbie, for the installation and service I received, when my new alarm system was installed. Professional installation, courtesy service . Steve spends time acquainting you with the alarm system. He is so methodical, cleaning up after installation. I thank you both.

Dawn, Burnside

Excellent service. Friendly, helpful and very efficient. I have every confidence in my new Melbourne Alarms security system. 

Thanks Steve

Jessie Tubbs, Melton

Excellent service. Friendly, helpful and very efficient. I have every confidence in my new Melbourne Alarms security system. Thanks Steve.

J. Kantor, Toorak

Just a quick note to say many thanks for the excellent service today from Tara. What a great ambassador Tara is for your company.

Jacqualine, Mornington

Thank you Steve so much for everything you’ve done to make me and my family feel safe again. Your customer service skills are amazing and your knowledge in security installation is excellent and extremely rare to find. I’m very happy to recommend you to all my family and friends.

Angela, Brighton

Hi Robbie

John and I wanted to pass our thanks to Tara for the professional wayin which she dealt with us and carried out the alarm replacement.

She is delightful and a credit to your business. Please pass on our thanks to her. Excellent customer service

Marg and John

“Steve and Tara are great. Professional and knowledgeable. They know their stuff, and work hard to ensure that the system is exactly what you want. Then they do a very professional and neat and tidy job of installing. I have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly. I have been a customer for many years. Friendly service”

Prof. John Lattanzio – Glen Waverley

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if the Bosch Solution 3000 security system is right for you?

Yes, the Dahua 6mp cameras have a built-in microphone. If you’re using a TV or a monitor with a speaker, you’ll be able to hear sounds around the camera when viewing live or playing back recorded video footage

Yes. Our technician will show you how to do it. You’ll also have access to our self-help video library. We have several helpful videos specifically on the Dahua 6mp camera system.

No. There are no subscription fees. Recorded footage is saved for 14 days on the Dahua cloud. Of course all footage is also saved on the hard drive of your Network Video Recorder.

You’ll usually get at least 10 days of recorded footage stored on the NVR but it depends on the settings selected when the system is set up. We’ll discuss your requirements with you explain the options. Then we’ll set everything up and show you how it works. Settings can be changed at any time

NVRs come in different sizes. For home use these are 4 channel, 8 Channel and 16 Channel.

Only one camera can be connected to each channel, so a 4 channel NVR can have a maximun of 4 channels connected

Yes. The Dahua 6mp cameras use smart motion detection . You’ll be notified if the cameras detect humans and/or a vehicle. (You choose this during the set-up. It can be changed by you at any time. Don’t worry – we’ll show you how.) Intelligent detection means you’ll receive far fewer false notifications than standard motion detection

Dahau Starlight technology uses superior camera quality with a special optical sensor that needs a tiny amount of light to make a usable image. The camera also uses inbuilt signal processing to get the clearest images in low light levels

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Just want to put on the record that Tara did a magnificent job in meticulously going through every step of the installation process. You are indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated top-class performer in your company. 

Mark, Surrey Hills

Tara was super professional, knowledgable and vert informative. She was on time (rar) and did a perfect job in our old house which would not have been easy. I highly recommend Tara and the team to anyone looking to do a complicated alarm install.   

Thanks again Tara

Eugene Richards

“Steve and Tara just finished installing our new alarm. I have no hesitation in giving 5 stars and recommending them. The care and thought they put into the installation are a joy to watch. Best find ever. If you need an alarm start here. After they left you wouldn’t have known they had been. Wonderful.”

Thatch, Essendon

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