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Alarm Monitoring Services

$35.00 Per Month No Contract

Alarm monitoring is not for everyone. But if you need it, there’s no need to sign a long-term contract or pay any more than you need to.

All ‘ASIAL Accredited Grade A-1’ alarm monitoring services are pretty much the same as the next so you may as well shop on price!

Consider professional Alarm monitoring if:

  • Your insurance company insists you need it before they will insure your home or business

  • You need a guaranteed response to your emergency

  • You need the security of a panic alarm with police response

  • You have a medical pendant connected to your intruder alarm system that requires a guaranteed response from professional trained staff

  • You have no one available to attend if your alarm is triggered

  • You need weekly reports to show who’s entered the premises and at what time

Choose Self-Monitoring if:

  • You want the convenience of a free app to control and monitor your alarm

  • You have cameras installed that you can view from your phone to verify if an intruder is at your premises

  • You want a video clip sent to you showing exactly what caused the alarm

  • Either yourself or a friend or neighbour can respond to an alarm if necessary

  • You don’t need a patrolman or the police to attend if an alarm is triggered

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Alarms have traditionally used the existing analogue copper phone line to send alarm information to the monitoring centre. Now that the NBN is here we need an alternative because the NBN isn’t compatible with existing analogue equipment like fax machines, alarm systems and medical alarms.

Melbourne Alarms use the latest technology Permaconn 4G wireless alarm module to send alarm signals instantly to the monitoring centre for immediate response.

Using 4G wireless means that you don’t have to worry about the phone lines being cut or your internet router or modem being faulty. The signals are sent to the control room using the Telstra GPRS mobile data network

Why choose Melbourne Alarms as your Monitoring Security Provider?


Why choose Melbourne Alarms as your Monitoring Security Provider?

  • Wireless 4G monitoring

  • Grade A1 Monitoring accreditation – the highest Australian standard.

  • Automatic check-in:  the monitoring station check-in with your premises every 12 hours to make sure everything’s OK. If an alarm is triggered the control room are notified immediately..

  • Does not rely on your telephone line or internet service – NBN proof!

  • Continues to work during a total mains fail – even if your internet modem or router is dead!

  • We can monitor most security systems: residential, retail, office or warehouse.

  • If you have 3 or more sites, get FREE access to our monitoring portal: log in at any time to run your own customised reports, check on the status of your alarm, manage your emergency contact list.(One time set-up and training charge $99.00 applies)

  • Free Permaconn app to arm and disarm your system from your smartphone (as long as your alarm panel is compatible. Most modern panels are)

  • Family owned business with almost 40 years of experience

  • 3 month minimum monitoring term

Changing Alarm Monitoring Provider?


  • Free back-up battery replacement

  • Free maintenance check. All sensors, sirens and strobe light will be checked and you’ll receive a written report

  • Free access to alarm monitoring centre management portal if you have 3 sites or more 

For a once-only fee of $199.00 (incl GST) we can quickly and easily connect you to our monitoring service.

This fee covers the cost of our technician programming your alarm panel to communicate with the BENS Monitoring Centre.

Our qualified and licensed technician will also do a full check of the system to ensure all sensors, sirens, strobe light, power supply, back-up battery and remote controls are in working order.

Speak to one of our security experts today to get started


Self Monitoring

Why pay for professional security alarm monitoring when you can do it yourself?

The latest security systems offer an app (usually as an upgrade to the basic system) that gives you complete control of your security system

Depending on the alarm system you have you can:

  • Arm and disarm your alarm
  • Receive early warning of an attempted intrusion or someone prowling around your doors and windows
  • Receive instant notification of an alarm
  • Receive panic alarms from other system users
  • App shows the exact sensor that caused the alarm as well as time and date
  • Snap shots or High Definition video clip of the event
  • Log on to the system’s cameras for a live video feed at any time

Melbourne Alarms specialise in self-monitored systems, early warning detection systems and video verification.

Find out about our most popular self-monitored systems HERE

Speak to one of our security experts now to discuss your requirements. We’ll design an alarm system that suits you perfectly.

Self-monitoring via an app is a better option for most of us. With a modern app-connected alarm system:

  • You receive the alarm alert on your phone
  • You verify if it’s a genuine alarm or not via a high definition camera
  • You call the police if it’s a real break-in
  • You isolate the faulty detector and re-arm the alarm via your free app.
  • Job done!

And it’s handled in a couple of minutes as opposed to an hour or more!

Weigh up the options…

Mobile Phone Alert

If your current system can’t have an app and you don’t want to upgrade, consider adding a 3G wireless dialler module. It replaces your phone line and allows your alarm panel to dial your mobile phone to alert you if an alarm occurs.

It’s fairly basic – it doesn’t identify the precise sensor that caused the alarm but it’s still a worthy low-cost self-monitoring option. It requires a SIM card on a low cost calls-only plan – around $5.00 per month)

If your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a phone call from your alarm panel. When you answer, you hear a siren tone that lets you know your alarm has been tripped.


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What Alarm Signals are Sent To The Monitoring Centre?

What Happens When The Monitoring Centre Receive An Alarm From Your Alarm System

If alarm signals are received from your premises, the control room will activate your pre-arranged emergency response plan.

Typical responses for security alarm monitoring include:

  • Contacting your emergency response contacts
  • Sending a patrolman. There is a separate charge for this service
  • Contacting the police if a verified break-in has occurred

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