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New Technology Driveway Alarm Helps Prevent Home Invasion.
Install Yourself in Just 15 Minutes

It’s an Unfortunate Fact: Home invasions are on the increase.

The Ultra-Safe wireless driveway alarm will alert you as soon as an intruder sets foot on your property, not when he’s INSIDE your home like traditional alarm systems

"What is the Ultra-Safe system and how does it work?"

The Ultra-Safe is a stand-alone, wireless Do-It-Yourself early warning perimeter alarm system.

It uses one or more battery-powered Outdoor Detectors and a portable Base Station that is located inside your home. The base station sounds an alert tone if an intruder is detected outside.

If an intruder approaches your property, the Outdoor Detector sends a message to the Base Station. The Base Station sounds an alert tone that provides you with an early warning that an intruder is on your property.

Unlike older technology outdoor sensors, the Ultra-Safe will not false alarm due to  animals, wind, and leaves (provided the simple installation guidelines are followed) so you can sleep safe and sound knowing that you’ll only be alerted if an intruder is approaching

"An Alert Tone?
What Good Is That?"

It’s very good.

You have taken away the intruder’s best weapon….

…..the  element of SURPRISE!

You know he’s on your property

You know where he is – the Base Station can play a different alert tone for each outdoor detector

And he is still outside!

You’re inside. 

Awake, alert and able to assess the danger and make an appropriate response. 


Not Convinced?

Consider the alternative…..

The intruder approaches your home.

He forces a window and stealthily makes his way inside trying to make as little noise as possible.

Maybe he opens a squeaky door or bumps into a chair…would you wake up?

Even if you were to wake up, then what? Do you get up and grab a weapon to investigate?

No matter what happens next, the fact is you only became aware of the intruder…

…. after he had entered your home!

It’s a frightening prospect, but one that’s happening more frequently.

Even if you have an alarm system it won’t trigger until the intruder is INSIDE YOUR HOME!

The intruder has the advantage!


Ultra-Safe is your eyes and ears when you're sleeping

The driveway alarm’s Base Station will alert you if someone is prowling around outside. Low cost and effective way to protect way to protect:

The Ultra-Safe wireless driveway alarm system is available as a DIY kit or if you live in Melbourne metro area we can send our qualified installer to do it for you for just $135.00

The Ultra-Safe Driveway Alarm System Is Your Eyes and Ears When You're Asleep

The Ultra-Safe Wireless Alarm is simple to install. It comes with a detailed instruction manual in plain English.

You’ll also have access to our installation videos that show how to set the system up.

If you have any problems you can always call our office or send an email for prompt assistance

The system comes with our 30 day money-back guarantee.


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TheUltra-Safe wireless driveway alarm system has lots of useful applications including:


Perimeter Protection


Protect Your Caravan, Boat or Jetski


Be alerted if someone approached your car while you sleep


Create a safety zone around your swimming pool


Long Driveway? No More Surprise Visitors!


Receive an alert if an intruder is snooping around your home

Let Melbourne's Most Experienced Installation Team Install Your Alarm.

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Our family owned business has installed more than 9000 security systems in Melbourne since 1982

Outdoor Motion Sensor


Mount the outdoor detector exactly where you need it. Runs on 4 x "AA" batteries. Around 2 year battery life

12 Metre Detection Range

The Outdoor passive infra-red sensor can detect an intruder up to 12 metres away

Range & Sensitivity Adjustments

We'll show you exactly how to set the outdoor detector up to protect your areas of concern. Active filters prevent false alarms

Adjustable Field of View

Choose Curtain Mode for a narrow beam or Wide Angle to detect movement in a larger area


Base Station

4 Individual Zones

Program Your outdoor sensors into different zones The Zone light flashes to show you where the intruder is. Add up to 4 sensors per zone

Adjustable Volume Settings

Set volume for LOUD during the day to hear visitors approaching. Reduce volume at night for effective early warning of an intruder

Portable - Easily Move From Room to Room

The Base Station is powered by a 12 volt adaptor (supplied) Insert 4 x AAA batteries for battery backup

Choose From 32 Different Alert Tones

Set a different tone for each outdoor sensor so you know where the intruder is

Ultra-SafeWireless Driveway Alarm Will Create a Perimeter Safety Zone Around Your Home

Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation In 4 Easy Steps


Step 1

1.Mount the Outdoor Sensor to a firm surface. A tree, fence post or wall is perfect.

Step 2

Choose the Alert Tone that you want to hear when the Outdoor Sensor detects movement

Step 3

Perform a simple 'Walk-Test' to ensure the area to be protected is covered. Adjust as neccesary

Step 4

Relax! The Base Station will alert you if an intruder is detected on your property. A detailed instruction manual is supplied with every system

Expandable Alert System - Keep it simple or add extra deterrents


The Ultra-Safe system is already an extremely effective deterrent and early warning alerting system….

but it doesn’t stop there.

Extra deterrents and enhancements can be added to turn your home into a fortress!





Ultra-Safe Outdoor Detector

4 Zone Base Station

Comes With Batteries & AC Power Adaptor

Nothing else to buy. Have your system up and running in 15 minutes.


Installation and Set-up Guide

This is a proper, detailed guide to the installation and setup of your Ultra-Safe perimeter alarm system. It is not a flimsy one-page “Quick Start Guide”

Before I buy anything, I like to know that the goods are backed by a solid money-back guarantee.
And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.
So, if you decide for any reason (or for no reason at all) that your Melbourne Alarms system (alarms, cameras, intercoms – or anything we’ve installed for you) isn’t a perfect fit for you let us know within 30 days
We’ll remove the system and promptly return every cent you’ve paid – no questions asked..
 Just send us an email to steve@melbournealarms to request a refund within 30 days.

   Steve Corless 

Owner of Melbourne Alarms


Think of all the places you could use an Ultra-Safe driveway alarm system


What They’re Saying

" I now sleep better at night knowing that I have my bedroom windows monitored at night. As a bonus it also lets me know when visitors arrive at my front door

Robyn Doreen


Frequently Asked Questions


Traditional Perimeter Alarms Are Useless

Talk to any home security company and ask them to tell you about their perimeter security products.

You’ll probably be offered a range of different sensors including:

  • Reed switches for all your doors and windows
  • Electronic Glass breakage detectors
  • Vibration sensors

That’s been the approach to perimeter alarms for homes from as far back as 1981 when I started as an apprentice with Guardmaster in Nunawading. (Other, expensive options have always been around for large outdoor areas for high-risk properties such as defense sites and warehouses filled with tobacco products or expensive alcohol products etc. This article deals specifically with home security)

And up until recently, they are the same detection devices I was offering our customers if they wanted perimeter protection.

It seemed to be an effective solution.

You could arm the system at night, go to bed and have peace of mind that if someone tried to get into your home, you’d be alerted by the alarm and the intruder would run off.

“So what’s the problem?”


With traditional perimeter alarm systems…

the alarm siren is not triggered until the intruder is inside your home!

Why?  Let have a quick look at how these detection devices work

1 – The Reed Switch detects the opening of a door or window, therefore the alarm isn’t triggered until the door or window is open

2 – Glass breakage detector. It ‘listens’ for the sound of breaking glass, therefore the alarm is not triggered until the window is already broken!

3 – Vibration sensors detect the vibration caused by brute force when a window or door is kicked in.

With these traditional perimeter alarm sensors, you only become aware of a problem after the intruder is about to enter your home!

It really is a false sense of security.

Lets return to our break-in scenario …

Now, because a window or door has been opened, or smashed the alarm sirens are sounding (inside and outside) waking you  from a deep sleep.

What would your response be in that situation?

You’ve just been jolted awake by a 110 decibel siren at 3am!

Would you race out to the codepad and turn the alarm off because you don’t want to upset the neighbours?

Would you grab a weapon and walk through the house looking for an intruder?

Or perhaps you’d call the police.

The best you could hope for is that the intruder is driven away by the unwanted noise and the attention it will bring.

But fortunately, there is a better way

Early Warning Perimeter Alarm

If someone is prowling around outside home or trying to break into your car, an early warning system offers the best defense.

When an intruder is detected you are woken by a low-level, adjustable alert tone by not ear-piercing alert tone long before the intruder is at the vulnerable doors and windows of your home.

Now you’ve got options.

You can turn on your lights, activate the panic alarm on your home alarm system, call a friend, neighbour or police.

The key difference is that now you have a degree of control – you won’t be taken by surprise.

That’s real peace-of- mind.


Here's What The Canadian Police Feel About Perimeter Alarms:

The best alarm systems for residences are designed for perimeter protection; to prevent the intruder from entering the premises.

Systems that rely on interior protection alone present two potential problems. First, they allow the criminal to enter the home before the alarm is sounded. When there are occupants in the home, the danger is obvious. Secondly, due to the nature of the component parts of these systems, they cannot be used without limiting normal family activity within the home.

Most important, however, is the simple fact that perimeter protection emphasizes personal safety, while interior protection primarily protects property.

From a practical standpoint, however, probably the greatest degree of protection is afforded by a system that combines perimeter protection with one or more interior “sensors” that can be turned on or off independently of the perimeter devices.

Since no system is fool-proof, this procedure provides “backup” protection in the event an intruder succeeds in violating the perimeter.

In addition, it makes practical the design of a “limited” perimeter system – one that protects the most vulnerable accesses but not every means of entry through the perimeter.

Care should be exercised in such situations to utilize devices that practical in terms of freedom from accidental activation and which blend with the family’s life style

Reproduced from Barrie Police Department website. Read full article HERE


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