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Smart Camera Systems That Send You An Alert and A Video Clip When An Intruder is Detected on Your Property


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 The demand for CCTV systems is increasing year after year, especially for homes. This means the market is now flooded with lots of different equipment.
Unless you know what to look for, it’s easy to get fooled into buying inferior equipment that’s not going to perform well.

Our CCTV packages are all tested in our office or home for three months so we can be sure you won’t be disappointed with their performance under different conditions.

Our installers are licensed by Victoria police to install CCTV systems. 

When you buy a CCTV system from Melbourne Alarms you know you’re getting a system that will do what we say it will do 

Best Deal - Dahua 5 MP Starlight Package


Who Is This Package Suitable For?

Who Is This Package NOT Suitable For?

I just wanted to email and say how happy we have been with the service you and Steve have provided. Your customer service has been a welcome surprise (after encountering issues with other trades) and the quality of the installation is perfect. Steve kindly showed both myself and Kate how to use the system and was good enough to come back out to finish the job and install the reeds. The quality of the Bosch system is just what we were looking for.

Oliver Hayward, Highton

I would like to say that Tara was wonderful and did an excellent job in both the installation / setup and training on the use of our cameras.
Thanks very much for all the time that you spent on the phone answering my initial questions as well!
I have been thoroughly impressed with the service!

Ljuba Butcher, Narre Warren

Dahua 5 MP Active Deterrent Artificial Intelligence Package ***Contact Us For Latest Pricing***


The latest AI cameras from Dahua detect intruders and alert you the minute they set foot on your property - long before they can even get close to your valuables.

Anyone can install a security camera on your home and produce a clear image. That’s the easy part.

Implementing a reliable notification and response system turns a ‘dumb’ camera system into a useful tool to protect your home or business takes experience and know-how

Who Is This Package Suitable For?

Who Is This Package NOT Suitable For?




Let Melbourne's Most Experienced Installation Team Install Your CCTV System

Our family owned business has installed more than 9000 security systems in Melbourne since 1982


Where Should I Install Home Security Cameras?

Your installer will recommend the best places to locate each security camera. Each site is different so a bit of planning is needed before camera installation starts.

The final locations will depend on your desired result.

Generally, there are two ways to install cameras in a home:

1 – Spot Protection: the camera looks at a particular area where an intruder is likely to attempt entry to a building.

For a home, these might be the front door, side gate, back patio or carport.

When armed, any movement that occurs in the cameras field of view immediately sends an alarm notification to your smartphone along with a video clip clearly showing the event.

2 – General Surveillance: A wide, non-specific view of a large area.

This could be the front yard or back yard or the street at the front of your home.

These locations are OK for keeping an eye on the general area around your home while you’re out but useless in detecting or preventing an actual crime

What About A Wireless CCTV System?


Wireless CCTV security cameras are not a viable alternative to a professionally installed hardwired camera security system.

There are four reasons for this

1 – They are battery operated so the batteries must be recharged or replaced regularly.

2 – Battery-powered cameras do not record continuously.

They are in a low-power ‘sleep’ mode until they detect motion. Then they ‘wake-up’ and record the activity. Significant and important footage is lost in the lag between the camera detecting motion and the commencement of recording. The recordings are stored in the cloud, not on a digital video recorder

3 – Poor Night Vision.

Professional cameras use powerful infrared LEDs to illuminate a large area in front of the camera.

These LEDs can illuminate 20 or 30 metres away from the camera – and they use a lot of power.

Battery-powered cameras use between 1-3 low power infrared LEDs or a single white LED to illuminate the area.

This means the security camera can only see objects 5-8 metres from the camera at best.

4 – Many wireless systems store the footage in the cloud. Most allow you to access video clips for free for a short period of time. If you want to access your video for longer you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

There is certainly a place for wireless cameras.

They’re quick and easy to install
The feature list and performance is growing as technology improves.
Can enhance your home security
They are not, however, a direct substitute for professionally installed hardwired cameras – not yet anyway.

It may take six months or ten years but the day will come when all camera systems will be wireless.

If you’re on a budget and are reasonably handy, wireless CCTV security cameras are a useful home security asset and worth considering

CCTV Camera Installation Mounting Height - Does It Matter?


The mounting height of CCTV cameras is important.

To achieve the best results in a home CCTV installation the cameras should be mounted between 2.4 and 2.7 metres from the ground.

This height makes the cameras harder to vandalise and produces a useful image.

If the cameras are mounted higher than this, you miss faces, vehicle types and other important information.

This is because the cameras need to angled down toward the ground to compensate for the higher mounting position – the angle is wrong.

When mounted at the recommended height, the camera angle is almost parallel to the ground. This maximises the infra-red night vision capabilities.

For double story homes, it’s important to stick to this recommended height. If you’re building a new home and can pre-cable for cameras, otherwise compromises will need to be made.

This will most likely mean conduit or duct around the outside of your home. Installing cameras in two-story homes takes substantially longer and more skill than a single-story home. Consequently, you can expect to pay more for the installation.

An experienced CCTV security installer will be able to achieve a neat professional result

What Happens If The Mains Power Goes Off?

Unlike security alarm systems, CCTV systems do not have a back-up battery.

For critical installation where continuous operation is required during a power fail, we can supply an Uniterupptable Power Supply(UPS) to keep the cameras and recorder operating

Is The App Completley Free?

Yes. The Dahua DMSS app is completley free.


Does Security Camera Motion Sensing Work?

CCTV systems don’t use ‘true’ motion detection. The security camera analyses a change in a group of pixels. If the change is consistent with a person or vehicle moving, it triggers a motion event. What happens next depends on your security system configuration. Options are:

1. the CCTV system tags that event on the video recorder. You can then ask the recorder to playback all the footage it tagged as motion events.

2. As above but you’ll also receive a notification on your phone along with a short video clip showing what caused the motion event.

Because it’s not true motion detection the camera can be fooled by things like shadows from trees (which change position during the day), reflections, birds and insects – especially at night.

There are some sensitivity adjustment and the ability to block certain parts on the image from reporting motion sensing, however, it is still possible to get false triggers.

With a bit of adjustment, however, the system can be tweaked to the point of providing reasonably reliable motion alerts.

A far better option is to use the latest security cameras with Artificial Intelligence. The Dahua Active Deterrent system can reliably alert you if an intruder (or vehicle) has entered your property. It has been tested by extensively the Melbourne Alarms team and is around 95 percent accurate.

Let Melbourne's Most Experience Installation Team Protect Your Home

Our family owned business has installed more than 9000 security systems in Melbourne since 1982

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Hello Robyn,

Just wanted to say how delightful Tara was today. She is very knowledgable and helpful and it was a pleasure having her install the new system.

Thank You

Anna Chan, Kensington

Most professional company I have ever dealt with. The installation team 
Steve and Tara were exceptional in knowledge of product, fault finding,attention to client satisfaction , most courteous with clients,and really cleaned up after installation completed.No hesitation in recommending this company ,from initial phone call to Robbie who provided good advice and a very detailed quotation to completion of job.

Peter Redman, Elstenwick

I know that before I buy anything, I like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.
And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.
So, if you decide for any reason (or for no reason at all) that your Melbourne Alarms system (alarms, cameras, intercoms – or anything we’ve installed for you) isn’t a perfect fit for you let us know within 30 days
We’ll remove the system and promptly return every cent you’ve paid – no questions asked..
 Just send us an email to steve@melbournealarms to request a refund within 30 days.


   Steve Corless 

Owner of Melbourne Alarms

Careful, tidy and professional!”

“Excellent service. Friendly, helpful and very efficient. I have every confidence in my new Melbourne Alarms security system.

Thanks, Steve”

– J. Tubbs , Melton

Thanks very much Steve. You have put into my home an excellent system. I now feel safe and secure.

J. Kantor, South Yarra


Excellent job. Solved all problems. A very careful installer – very neat. A first class job.

B. McGee, Malvern

Let Melbourne's Most Experienced Installation Team Protect Your Home

Our family owned business has installed more than 9000 security systems in Melbourne since 1982

I love my tech and after a lot of research re systems and installer - I picked Melbourne alarms, right after my initial chat with Robbie, because I got a good 'vibe' and a flavour of what was to come. The people that come into your home and the customer service matters! I'm happy to say that I'm glad I chose them. Steve and Tara did a great job, fantastic people, easy to work with and made sure that we were a 100% comfortable and understood all our options. It should be this easy to work with people! Highly recommend and will continue to use their services!

Professionally Installed Video Security Packages from Melbourne's Most Trusted Security Installer


Dahua 4MP Kit $1,899.00


HikVision iPhone Camera $249.00


Risco Agility 4 $2497.00

All Melbourne Alarms CCTV Security Packages include

Cant' Find What You Need? Speak to one of our security experts and we'll help you choose

Starlight and Artificial Intelligence

The best camera in the world is useless unless you’re notified before a crime occurs.

Real-time alerts give you a chance to respond immediately to the threat.

All our systems include powerful alarm system functions (also known as Video Analytics)including:

  •  Perimeter detection – detects a person entering your driveway, approaching the front or back door, climbing over your side fence. Customise the detection zone yourself in seconds!
  • “Object Removed” detection.
  • “Car-Parked-Where-It Shouldn’t-Be” detection.

    The person is detected – an alert and video clip is sent to your phone. The cat is ignored. 

    Thanks Steve, very professional service. Thanks for helping us out.
    Keith Hogal

    If the security camera detects a breach you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone with a video clip so you can respond in real-time.

    You’re far more likely to avoid theft or vandalism to your property if you can detect the crime before it has occurred.

    WITHOUT these features, CCTV security cameras are simply a reactive tool – you don’t know a problem has occurred til its too late.

    A Melbourne Alarms security system will go a long way in protecting your home or business from theft

    Our methods technology and experience combine to make sure your business is protected from break-ins, vandalism, and theft -properly

    It’s through the experience with THOUSANDS of installations that we know exactly how to deter and prevent intrusions from happening.

    And if a thief does get inside your premises our security measures make sure they are detected within 5 steps. That way the alarm is detected quicker to minimize loss and damage.

    We have developed a cost-effective way of detecting entry and verifying that an actual intruder has entered your premises so you don’t need to respond unless a break-in is in progress.

    It Costs No More To Use An Expert


    No Hidden Costs

    Our price includes installation and GST. You won't pay a dollar more than the price we've quoted.

    Don't Risk it...Use An Expert

    Security is all we do. We don't install power points or telephones or air conditioning. We DO know how to protect your business and help you feel safe. It's all we've done since 1985

    Trained and Licensed

    Our Installers Are Licensed. All our installers and technicians carry a security license issued by Victoria Police for your peace of mind.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee. Try our system for a full 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, we will remove the system and promptly refund every cent of your money. No questions asked.

    Why Buy an Off-the-Shelf System?

    Melbourne Alarms is one of the few ‘Old-School’ security companies still operating in Melbourne.  We’ve been in business since 1982

    Many so-called security companies are really no more than Marketing companies selling a ‘box’ with no regard for what your unique requirements are.

    We have the knowledge, training and expertise to design and install a system that will deter intruders, promptly detect a genuine break-in and alert you immediatly if there’s trouble


    Don’t Leave Your Security to Untrained, Unqualified and Unlicensed Amateurs

    "Steve and Tara from Melbourne Alarms and Monitoring have just left after delivering yet another fantastic installation experience, upgrading the system here to include perimeter monitoring and CCTV coverage.Their knowledge of available systems and the amazing care and attention to detail they delivered left a lasting impression - and a system that operated faultlessly from the first day. When I wanted to upgrade, there was never any question that I'd call Robbie and get Steve and Tara to come back. The tireless way they went about understanding my needs and designing the perfect system for me is a hallmark of the way they operate. Come installation day(s) they were here early and left nothing to chance - every aspect of the system was tested and tweaked until they were happy it was doing everything it should. My home was spotless when they left. Finding any business that is so customer-focused is a gift. When you add the fact that the technical expertise delivered is peerless and they're such fun to have around, there's nowhere else I'd even consider going for a security solution. I can't recommend them highly enough! :)"
    Simon Bailey

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