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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

Enhancing The Security Of A Coburg Home  using the Hikvision Ax Pro Wireless Alarm System – a case study


Now that Covid is behind us, Melbourne homeowners are again  prioritising the safety and security of their residences.

Tara and I recently had the opportunity to assist Peter from Coburg against potential security threats in his new home by using the Hikvision AX Pro wireless alarm system.



Peter moved to Coburg recently after living in Reservoir for 10 years. We had  installed his security system at Reservoir and he contacted us to see how we could help him feel secure at his new home.

Peter’s neighbour in Reservoir had his car stolen from the front of his home and he was concerned that this could also happen to him. 

Peter is a tradesman and carries a lot of expensive tools in his ute.

He has been happy with his Bosch alarm at Reservoir – it was certainly reliable, but he knew technology is always changing and wondered about the features available in a modern system.

 He definitely wanted a free app that would send alerts if the alarm system was triggered.

Free app alerts you if the alarm is triggered


When I met Peter at the newly built home, we discussed what his main concerns were:

  • Peter  specialises in installing and commissioning large industrial machines. He is often away for several days working interstate or in country Victoria.
  • He lives on his own and feels uncomfortable leaving the house unattended
  • He has expensive tools in his work ute which will be parked in the detached garage located at the rear of his property. 

Access to the garage roller door is via a rear lane, with a pedestrian door opening on th his backyard.

Peter is also a keen camper and has a lot of expensive camping equipment in his garage. 

He’s concerned that an intruder could get into his garage from the laneway while he’s home and he wouldn’t know – the garage is about 10 metres away from the house.

  • He also has a fairly decent collection of vinyl records in the house and wants to make sure they aren’t stolen.
  • The house was a 2 story design with a separate garage. This meant a wireless solution would be the most practical as running cables between the house and garage would be impossible without messy trenching.
Floorplan of Peter’s house in Coburg

The Solution

To address all of Peter’s concerns and provide a comprehensive security solution, I recommended the Hivision Ax Pro Wireless Alarm System.

The Hikvision Ax Pro uses wireless detection devices with 5 -6 year battery life. The system is controlled using the free Hikconnect app which is the very best free app currently available (in my opinion!)

 It was the only system available that would satisfy all of the customer’s needs.

Here’s what we did:

Tara installs a Hikvision wireless motion detector in the living room

The House:

Door contacts were installed on the front and back doors of the house to detect entry at these points. Ax Pro wireless motion sensors were placed in the living room, hallway and master bedroom.

An internal siren was installed in the entry hall at the bottom of the stairs and a wireless external siren was installed in the side of the home, but visible from the street.

 It provides an effective visual deterrent without spoiling the street appeal of the home.

A wireless codepad was installed at the front door next to the stairs. This is used to arm and disarm the system at night before the customer heads upstairs to bed.

Peter uses one of the keyfob remote controls for everyday arming and disarming of the system when he heads off to work. 

He’s given the other one to his adult son who keeps an eye on the place while Peter is travelling.

So far, all pretty standard stuff.

This heavy-duty door switch detects of the garage door is open or closed

The Garage:

Here’s where we used the power of the AX Pro to make a real difference.

We installed the following Hikvision AX Pro wireless devices in the garage to optimise the security of this vulnerable space:

  • Ax Pro wireless motion sensor. The 15 metre detection range of these sensors is more than adequate to detect an intruder in the garage.
  • Roller shutter reed switch on the garage roller door. It’s job is to activate the alarm and send the customer an alert on his app if the garage door is opened while the alarm system is armed.
  •  I configured the garage reed switch so that the app would give Peter an alert if the door had been left open for longer than 5 minutes. This happens whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed for maximum peace of mind. 
  • A door contact on the garage pedestrian door
  • We also installed a loud internal siren in the garage that would blast the intruder if the reed switch or sensor were tripped.
  • A Hikvision wifi surveillance camera with night vision. The customer can view the interior of his garage from the camera from app at any time. Peter loved this idea because he can verify alarms and have video verification that the garage door is closed and all his ‘toys’ are safe and sound. 
  • To top it off we also added  Hikvision wireless relay to the garage roller door motor. This gives Peter control of the roller door directly from Hikvision app.
Peter can open and close the garage door from the Hikvision app

Video Verification

The camera in the garage is also linked to the garage motion sensor. When the sensor is tripped a 30 second video clip showing exactly what caused the alarm is sent to Peter’s phone. 

Peter is considering another two Hikvision IP cameras in the backyard, triggered by a Hikvision wireless outdoor motion sensor to provide extra protection

Positive Outcomes:

Peter is thrilled with the new Ax Pro system. He has the ability to monitor his home remotely and receive alerts if the system is triggered from the free Hik connect mobile app.

Furthermore, if Peter forgets to close his garage door, he’ll get an audible alert on his phone. He can then view his garage from the camera and even close the door again – all from within the free Hik connect app. 




We could have just installed another wireless Bosch system for Peter. It would have cost around the same, but wouldn’t have the extra features that have really made a difference for him. 

However by leveraging the latest technology, Peter got so much more than a basic security system. The comprehensive protection and intelligent control provided by the Ax pro system have given our customer a capable and useful alarm system.

And because the Ax Pro system is, scalable system more detectors, sirens or cameras can be added later if they’re needed

The fact that everything is controlled from a single feature-packed app (Hikconnect) is a real bonus – and the app is completely free!

Through this case study, it is evident that investing in a comprehensive home security system can greatly enhance the safety and well-being of homeowners in Melbourne.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Contact us today to get your hands on the Hikvision ax pro alarm!

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