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Steve - Installation, Service and Quotes

Hi. I'm Steve Corless, the owner of Melbourne Alarms & Monitoring

You’re probably here because you need information and advice on getting the best quality security system for your home or business, installed properly, for the best possible price.

I know because I’ve helped thousands of people just like you with their security needs for over 35 years.

Our advice is not based using the same old products we’ve always used or from sitting around the office reading glossy sales brochures.

It comes from being out on the job every single day, talking to our customers and installing and servicing security systems all over Melbourne.

8,000 Systems Installed...And Counting!


Robbie - Office Manager & Security Consultant

I’m proud to say that my small dedicated team and I have installed over 8,000 security systems in Melbourne since we began

We still look after several customers (and now, their children) that have been with us all this time and I’m gratified by that loyalty.  

It’s also satisfying that a lot of our new customers come from referrals from other customers who’ve been delighted with our service.

Fully Trained Security Experts Means No Guesswork


Tara - Senior Technician

I personally test every major new product that is released to make sure we are still offering the very best and most innovative gear that’s available.

We only install and recommend products that have been thoroughly tested by us and proven to be better in the three key areas of

  • useful features,

  • reliability ease of use

  • affordability.

When a product does pass our thorough in-house testing our entire team is trained i so we are become experts before we arrive at your home or business

That way we can be confident in recommending the right product for you, and setting it up to make use of all the features the product offers.

This is what sets us apart from all the other alarm installers

Money Back Guarantee


Wayne - Installation Technician

It’s also why we are proud to offer a money back guarantee on all products that we sell – We’re that confident that we’re using the best systems available.

We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship and extend the warranty on all our products for at least 12 months beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

If you choose to deal with Melbourne Alarms, you can be assured of reliable professional service with a personal touch from the first contact you have with Robyn (‘Robbie’) our wonderful Office Manager, to our licensed, qualified installers and our customer support service.



Checked and Licensed by Victoria Police


Like all the Melbourne Alarms team, Robbie is also a licensed security advisor as well as our
book-keeper, job scheduler, parts orderer and all round problem-solver!

She also happens to be my partner and Tara’s mum!

Everyone at Melbourne Alarms holds a Victorian security licence, issued only after being thoroughly checked by Victoria Police.

If you believe that experience counts, give us a call. Robyn, Tara or myself will give you honest advice you can count on.

Or you can use the Contact Form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

We’d love to be of service

Steve Corless

How Many Motion Sensors Do I Need?

Ideally you don’t want an intruder to take more than 3 steps in your home or business before he’s detected by the alarm system.

With careful planning this can usually be achieved with three sensors in a medium sized home, retail shop or small to medium sized office.

Of course for larger premises or rooms that contain high-value items (such as works of art or a safe) then  additional motion sensors or other types of detectors can be added

Do I Need Two Internal Sirens? Other Systems I've Looked At Only Have One


We know from experience that the more noise the alarm makes inside your premises the better. It lets the intruder know he’s been detected and also stops him from hearing the police or patrolman approaching the premises to investigate. The intruder will leave quicker.


Can I Connect Cameras To The Bosch Alarm System?

No. Bosch do not have an alarm system that fully integrates cameras like the Risco LightSys or Agility 4.

You can add a Hikvision stand-alone camera that will send you an alert on your smart phone if an intruder gets inside your business premises or home. We use these in the office and they do a great job of identifying unauthorised people on your property.

What Is The Downside To Having A Wireless Alarm Instead Of A Hardwired Alarm?


1 – Having to replace batteries in the motion sensors. You only need to do this every 5 years. So if you’re 30 years old today, you’ll only have to change the batteries 3 times because the maximum life of the alarm system is 15 years!

2 – The Bosch system is not fully wireless. Cables still need to be installed for the codepad, inside siren, outside siren and one to your internet modem if you want the app.

3 – The Risco Agility 4 is completely wireless. The Risco Lightsys is also completely wireless. You can also add hardwired codepads, sensors and sirens to the Lightsys to maximise your options.


What Happens If The Mains Power Goes Off?

All our alarm systems have a back-up battery. The system will continue to operate for around 24 hours without mains power connected. If you require a longer back-up time we can provide an Uniterupptable Power Supply(UPS) to extend the time to many days.

Is The App Completley Free?

Bosch 3000: Yes the app is completely free to download and use. You do need to add the Bosch ethernet module to your package though.

Bosch Solution 6000: This app is a subscription-based app. It’s $10.00 per month but you can have several uses on the same account

Risco Agility: $35.00 per year

Risco Lightsys: $35.00 per year.

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