Bosch Alarm Beeping Every 60 Seconds?

Here’s How to Fix It In 3 Easy Steps

Note: If you’d rather watch a demonstration there’s a video at the bottom of this page : -)

Step 1: Acknowledge the Fault


Push the AWAY button or # button to acknowledge the fault.

The beeping will stop. You can now proceed to step 2 to figure out why it was beeping. If you don’t fix the problem the codepad will start beeping again. Don’t worry, it’s simple!

Step 2: Press and hold the ‘5’ button until you hear 2 beeps.

Don’t worry, you won’t set off the sirens!


Step 3: Use the chart below to pin point the fault

The display on the codepad is now in ‘Fault Diagnostic Mode’ One or more numbers will be displayed on the top line of the codepad and the two ‘people’ icons will be flashing. We can use the chart below to work out exactly why the system is beeping.


In this example, the photo above shows Zone Indicator 1 is displayed If you look at the fault chart,  Zone Indicator  1 means we have a ‘System Fault”.


If we hold down button 1, (the third column in the chart tells us to ‘Hold Down Button 1) the top line of the codepad will change to show us exactly what the system fault is.


In the example above we see Zone Indicators 1 and 2 are on. Looking at the chart again we can see that we have a back up battery fail (1) and the time and date needs to be set (2).


Zone IndicatorFault DescriptionHold Down Button…Zone IndicatorFault Condition
1System Fault11Battery Fail
   2Time & Date
   3RF Receiver Fail
   4External Siren Fail
   5Phone Line Fail
   6EEPROM Failure
   7Fuse Fail
   8Mains Power Fail
2RF Low Battery21 to 8Zone 1 to 8 has a Detector Low Batt
3Zone Tamper Alarm31 to 8Zone 1 to 8 Tamper Alarm
4Sensor Watch Fault41 to 8Zones 1 to 8 Sensor Watch Fail
5RF Sensor Watch Fail51 to 8Zones 1 to 8 RF Sensor Watch Fail
6Communication Fail61Receiver 1 Fail
   2Receiver 2 Fail

The time and date is simple to change however you will need your Master code. (It’s probably the code your using everyday.) There’s a link  to the Bosch Solution 880 user manual below. Page 12 gives a good explanation of all the various fault conditions. Some faults will require a technician to fix for you.

See the video below that demonstrates how to change the battery.

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Click Here To Download the Bosch Solution 880 User Manual 


Stop Your Bosch Alarm System Beeping in 3 Easy Steps

Replacing the Back Up Battery

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