We Fix Alarm Problems

Highly recommend Melbourne Alarms & Monitoring for the fantastic job. Tara arrived at the designated time and walked me through the process of identifying the issue with my alarm system. She replaced the sensor in a timely manner and thoroughly tested the unit to ensure the problem had been resolved. Don't look anywhere this is a professional family run business.
Karen Murphy
Montmorency, Victoria

Alarm System Problems? We Can Help!

We service almost any type of system installed over the last 20 years no matter who installed it

Consider Calling Us If...


Our qualified and experiences service technician will promptly diagnose the fault

If the repair will take longer than 30 minutes we’ll let you know

If the problem is a bit more involved we’ll discuss the options with you in plain English and give you a written quotation

We aim to get your system working as quickly as possible

Experience Counts

All service and repairs are done by trained and qualified technicians, who are:

  • Licensed by Victoria Police to repair security systems
  • Have a minimum of 7 years of experience
  • Are punctual, neat and courteous

What our customers are saying...

Agree with previous reviews! Tara was courteous, professional, knowledgeable and informative. She repaired a faulty alarm that another serviceman had botched. Her instructions were very clear. I would highly recommend Melbourne Alarms and Tara to anyone looking to do a repair or install.
Extremely happy with the service. Pay attention to details. Tara and Robbie are very professional. I installed a PET friendly alarm system last year. The Bosch system works perfectly well for my little cat who loves running around the house at night. Definitely recommend!
Helen Minh-An Phạm

We Are Security Experts Not Salespeople

The Melbourne Alarms Installation Method


“Anyone can put a detector on your wall and call themselves an alarm technician!
You should expect SO MUCH more from a professional alarm company”

Other Services:

Pet Sensors

Got a new pet? Replace one or more Standard motion sensors with pet-tolerent sensors.

Add an App

Apps are available for most modern security systems. Arm, disarm and get alarm notifications on your smartphone

Garage Door Alert

Ever come home to find that your garage door was still open? Add a 'Garage Door Left Open ' alert to your system.

Remote Controls

Add the convenience of remote controls to your security system

Video Verification Camera

Add a camera that alerts you if your alarm has been triggered. Sends a video clip to your phone. Works with any system

Early Warning

Add early warning perimeter detection. Be alerted if a potential intruder is prowling around your vulnerable doors and windows. Take action while he’s still outside

We Can Also Upgrade Your Older Alarm System

Partial Upgrade

Full Upgrade

(03) 9005-0174

Call Robyn in the office to get more information about anything you need. She has a wealth of knowledge and will recommend the best options for your situation

Thanks to two old school tradesmen from a long-forgotton Melbourne. Keith Jessup who gave a shy useless kid a go as a first year apprentice in his security business in 1981. Also to Bruce Arrowsmith the foreman who mentored me with care an lots of patience. Keith and Bruce taught me the importance of being punctual, never leaving a mess behind and doing every task the best of your ability, even though most times people won’t notice. I’ve spent the last 40-odd years trying to maintain the standards they taught me.