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Never Open the Door To A Stranger

A good quality intercom system is a must-have for every home or business. There are lots of choices when it comes to intercoms. You can choose a basic voice-only intercom, a video intercom or an intercom that calls your mobile phone.

We have solutions to cover most situations including upgrading older intercoms to newer, smartphone compatible systems

Dorani Video Intercom $597.00 including installation and GST

Dorani Video Intercom


Package includes:


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Who Is This Not For?

Check out the Dahua video intercom below which is suitable for multi-level or larger buildings:

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Dahua Video Intercom with App $1,127.00 including installation and GST


The Latest Dahua IP Video Intercom Has The Works!


Who Is This Package Suitable For?

Who Is This Package NOT Suitable For?

Alarm System Specials

from $897.00 incl installation.

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$1,799 incl installation & GST

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$1,987.00 Incl installation & GST

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Aiphone WIRELESS Video Intercom - $499.00 including installation & GST


Portable, rechargeable handset with colour screen


Who Is This Package Suitable For?

Who Is This Package NOT Suitable For?

7 Reasons why every home needs a video intercom system

Hello Robyn,

Just wanted to say how delightful Tara was today. She is very knowledgable and helpful and it was a pleasure having her install the new system.

Thank You

Anna Chan, Kensington

Most professional company I have ever dealt with. The installation team 
Steve and Tara were exceptional in knowledge of product, fault finding,attention to client satisfaction , most courteous with clients,and really cleaned up after installation completed.No hesitation in recommending this company ,from initial phone call to Robbie who provided good advice and a very detailed quotation to completion of job.

Peter Redman, Elstenwick

Can I install a Hardwired Intercom into an existing two-story home?

Several cables need to be run for a hardwired intercom security system.

Installing concealed wiring in an existing two storey home can be difficult but not impossible. It depends on a number of things including:

  • Your desired location for the room station(s). Typically you would have one on the ground floor near the kitchen or family room and a second unit upstairs.
  • Your homes construction type (solid brick, tin roof, flat roof etc)
  • Your willingness to compromise on the final location of the equipment (within reason)
  • Consider one of the wireless options or book a free no-obligation home inspection to see if it’s possible

Intercom Cabling and Power Requirements


Intercoms need cabling. (Except the new Aiphone Cordless Video Intercom is completely wire free)

The Room Station needs to be connected to power. It also needs a cable run between it and the door station.

If you want to view the intercom while you’re away from home or use it as a security device to deter intruders the room station will also need to be connected to your internet router (some intercom systems need a cable for this some models use wi-fi).

If your intercom is for a single story home with ceiling access, any of the intercoms shown here can be used.

If you’re building a new multi-level home, ask the electrician to run cables during the frame stage for your intercom. We can advise on type and locations of cabling.

If you need a video intercom for a multi storey home or apartment AND you have an existing hardwired doorbell or older voice or video intercom any of the intercoms shown SHOULD be ok to use. (subject to site inspection)

what do i need to consider before choosing a video intercom system?


The door station should be located so the visitor can press the call button while standing directly in front of your entry door. If the door station is a step or two away from your door, the visitor won’t be visible when you check your room station monitor – after he presses the button he will walk back to the door ready for you to open it!

The best way to achieve this is to mount the intercom at right angles to your door.

If your home does not have a wall at right angles to your front door the door station can be mounted on a right-angle bracket. Another option is to consider a voice-only intercom.

In the photo below, the camera doorbell unit is about waist-high. The impracticalities are obvious for both the visitor and the home owner. A better solution would be to mount the door station on a pole just behind the fence. A mounting height of around 150-160 centimetres is ideal.

What Happens If The Mains Power Goes Off?

The intercom requires a permanent connection to power to operate. 

The smartphone intercoms are also connected to your internet router/modem – it also requires power so your internet works.

Therefore if the power fails your intercom won’t work. A relatively low-cost Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) can be added to the system to provide continuous operation even during a total power fail.

Speak to the office for more details.

Is The App Completley Free?

Yes. the Dahua app is called DMSS and is available for Android and Apple.


I know that before I buy anything, I like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.
And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.
So, if you decide for any reason (or for no reason at all) that your Melbourne Alarms system (alarms, cameras, intercoms – or anything we’ve installed for you) isn’t a perfect fit for you let us know within 30 days
We’ll remove the system and promptly return every cent you’ve paid – no questions asked..
 Just send us an email to steve@melbournealarms to request a refund within 30 days.


   Steve Corless 

Owner of Melbourne Alarms

Careful, tidy and professional!”

“Excellent service. Friendly, helpful and very efficient. I have every confidence in my new Melbourne Alarms security system.

Thanks, Steve”

– J. Tubbs , Melton

Thanks very much Steve. You have put into my home an excellent system. I now feel safe and secure.

J. Kantor, South Yarra


Excellent job. Solved all problems. A very careful installer – very neat. A first class job.

B. McGee, Malvern

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