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Home Alarm Systems Melbourne: Your Essential Home Security Guide

Home alarm systems in Melbourne have become increasingly popular as a reliable way to secure your home and ensuring the safety of your family.  With the growing concerns about break-ins and property theft and home invasions, it is essential for you to invest in a reliable and efficient home security system.  By doing so, you […]

Home Security Systems

Get The Protection You Need Without Paying For Features You’ll Never Use Looking for a home security system to protect your home and family? It’s hard to know where to start – there are way too many options out there: alarm systems, cameras, smart home, mobile app integration, the list goes on and on. I’ve […]

What Is The Cost Of Installing a CCTV System


What Is The Cost Of Installing a CCTV System? By Steve Corless Last updated: 27 January 2023 The cost of installing a CCTV system in a house in Melbourne is between $750.00 and $3,000.00 Why the wide gap between the highest and lowest price?  Why spend $3000.00 dollars when you can get a system for […]

House Alarm Going Off For No Reason? Try This!

If Your Alarm Is Going Off For No Reason Try This Simple Procedure. Are your neighbours getting annoyed? Are you reluctant to even use the system anymore? NO PROBLEM! YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. I’ve been fixing this exact problem since 1985. I’ve also trained over 50 alarm technicians to fix house alarms that […]

Does Your Security System Need an Upgrade?

3 reasons why you should upgrade to a smart security system If your home security system is more than 15 years old, it might be time to consider an upgrade. There are three reasons why you’d want to upgrade your alarm system: Your system is old (more than 12 years) and is starting to ‘misbehave’ […]

Will My Alarm System Still Work If The Power Fails When I Connect to NBN?

“I’ve just connected to the NBN, and have been told my alarm system might not work if there’s a power fail. Is this true?” Yes. If your alarm system is connected to your NBN modem  you won’t receive alarm notifications during a power fail. Why? Because the NBN modem uses a power point in your […]

Bosch Alarm Beeping

Bosch Alarm Beeping Every 60 Seconds? Here’s How to Fix It In 3 Easy Steps Watch The Videos or Read On… Stop Bosch Alarm Beeping Replacing Your Back-up Battery   Step 1: Acknowledge the Fault Push the AWAY button or # button to acknowledge the fault. The beeping will stop. You can now proceed to […]

Home Security Buyers Guide

We’ll Help You Choose The Best  Home Alarm System for Your Home The 3 levels of protection when it comes to home alarm systems are: (1) Interior protection (2) Basic Perimeter (3) Early Warning Perimeter You can choose any single level to protect your home or combine the different levels depending on the level of […]

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