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Why Traditional Perimeter Alarms Are Useless

Talk to any home security company and ask them to tell you about their perimeter security products. I bet all of them will offer either one or a combination of the following detection devices: Reed switches for all your doors and windows Electronic Glass breakage detectors Vibration sensors That’s been the approach to perimeter alarms […]

NBN and Alarm Monitoring

The NBN Will Affect Your Alarm System Monitoring If you have an alarm system that uses any type of monitoring will definitely be affected by the NBN. Read on and I’ll explain why and show you what to do. (In a hurry? Scroll down to go straight to the “Solutions” section) Some things go well together: […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid Before Choosing A Home Alarm

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Ripped Off Choosing the right home security system is becoming a mind-boggling task The ever-increasing number of alarm systems as well as  ‘smart’ gadgets, cameras, video intercoms and cloud services make choosing the right system for your home a time consuming job. Once you decide on a particular product you […]

Window & Door Protection

Door and window alarms are an excellent way to prevent you from becoming a victim of burglary. An intruder is probably going to enter your home through a door or a window. You’ve got lots of them and they’re relatively easy to get open using a screwdriver or a well-aimed kick in the case of the front […]

Why The Strobe Light Is Your Best Friend

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important components of a good home security system, but are often hidden from view or otherwise obscured. The strobe is a high-intensity blue light that is mounted on the external siren cover. If your alarm is triggered, the following sequence of events occur: 1 – All […]

Alarm System Terminology

Like most industries, the security alarms industry has its share of confusing lingo and terminology. Here are some of the more common ones you’re likely to come across while researching Home Alarm Systems: CONTROL PANEL “This is the “brains” of the system. It consists of a metal or plastic enclosure, the ‘motherboard’ and a back-up […]

Uses for Remote Controls

Adding remote controls to your home security system gives you more advantages than you may realize: Arm the system from outside your home – no exit delay time necessary which increases your security Disarm the alarm BEFORE you enter the house – no entry delay timer required which further increases security Audible ‘beep’ from the […]

A Note To Pet Lovers

Don’t like the idea of having to lock your beloved pet outside when you turn the alarm on?Pet –Tolerant sensors could be the answer.WHAT IS A PET-TOLERANT SENSOR? It looks identical to a standard infra-red motion sensor but uses special techniques (optical and electronic) that allow it to ignore your pet moving around the house […]

Making Your Home THEFT-PROOF!

We all know about the common sense things we can do to make our homes less attractive to burglars. Basic things such as closing windows before leaving home, deadlocking external doors and asking a neighbor to clear the letterbox while you’re away all make a lot of sense. There are some other basic things you can […]

Hardwire Alarms Versus Wireless Alarms

Thankfully huge advances have been made in wireless technology over the last 10 years. Wireless technologies such as blue tooth, wi-fi and Near Field Communication that we rely on everyday were not even thought of 15 years ago. It’s only relatively recently that we could count on blanket mobile phone coverage in metropolitan Melbourne. Security systems have benefited […]

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