Includes installation by a licensed, experienced installer

The Bosch Alarm System Solution 6000 security system is another new, innovative security system from Bosch.

It comes standard with 16 alarm zones (hardwired, wireless or a combination of both), making it ideal for securing your home but it can be expanded to up to 144 zones for homes that require a comprehensive high-security installation.

Even if you only need 3 or 4 zones, the 6000 is still worth considering because it has so many really useful features for a home security system that aren’t available in the Bosch 880 or the Bosch Solution 3000

The system comes complete with a digital dialler for basic mobile phone notification of alarm events or back-to-base monitoring, or you can make use of it’s enhanced features by adding one or more optional modules that open up a new world of possibilities, such as:

  • Instantly receive an alert on the i-fob app if an alarm occurs detailing the exact nature of the emergency
  • Open and close your garage door from your smartphone
  • Arm and Disarm your system
  • Receive an alert if you’ve accidentally left the garage door open after leaving the house
  • Display the last 50 events that occurred in the system
  • Activate and de-activate Night Mode – enjoy a restful sleep knowing that you can move freely around the sleeping areas of your home while all other areas are protected. Completely customisable.


  • The Bosch Alarm System – Solution 6000 alarm control panel with 16 alarm zones built in complete with back-up battery to keep your system operating during a black-out.
  • The 6000 advanced numeric codepad that displays all zone and system information including the room temperature on the large back-lit display.
  • 3 x Bosch GENERATION 2 Hardwired Infra-Red Motion sensors. These amazing sensors are virtually FALSE ALARM PROOF
  • 1 x ear-splitting internal screamer-siren. The noise sound from these sirens make it almost impossible to stay inside your home while they are running.
  • An External Siren with a bright blue flashing strobe. These are a very effective visual deterrent to would-be thieves
  • All cables, connectors and sundry items. The price you are quoted includes everything you need to effectively protect your home.
  • Installation by a qualified, courteous, experienced installer who is thoroughly and regularly checked and licensed by Victoria Police to work in the sensitive area of Home Security.
  • A clear and thorough explanation of how to operate your system.
  • Window stickers.
  • 36 Month Manufacturers Warranty on all equipment.
  • Our unique RISK-FREE 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Have the Melbourne Alarms system installed and try it out for a full year. If you don’t believe it has performed the way I have promised, let me know. I will promptly remove the system and return every cent of your money – NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Our unique RISK-FREE 30 day Money Back Guarantee.