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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

Talk to any home security company and ask them to tell you about their perimeter security products.

I bet all of them will offer either one or a combination of the following detection devices:

Reed switches for all your doors and windows
Electronic Glass breakage detectors
Vibration sensors
That’s been the approach to perimeter alarms for homes from as far back as 1981 when I started as an apprentice with Guardmaster in Nunawading. (Other, expensive options have always been around for large outdoor areas for high risk properties such as defence sites and warehouses filled with tobacco products or expensive alcohol products etc. This article is deals specifically with home security)

And up until recently they are the same detection devices I was offering our customers if they wanted perimeter protection.

It seemed to be an effective solution.

You could arm the system at night, go to bed and have peace of mind that if someone tried to get into your home, you’d be alerted by the alarm and the intruder would run off.

“So what’s the problem?”

With traditional perimeter alarm systems…

The intruder is inside your home (or almost inside) BEFORE THE ALARM IS TRIGGERED!

Why?  Let have a quick look at how these detection devices work

1 – Reed switch. Detects the opening of a door or window, therefore the alarm isn’t triggered until the door or window is open

2 – Glass breakage detector. It ‘listens’ for the sound of breaking glass, therefore the alarm is not triggered until the window is broken!

Vibration sensors detect the vibration caused by brute force when a window or door is kicked in. Therefore the alarm is not triggered……….

Now do you see the problem?

It really is a false sense of security.

Lets return to our break-in scenario …

Now, because a window or door has been opened, or smashed

the alarm sirens are sounding (inside and outside) and that’s how you get woken from a deep sleep.

What would your response be in that situation?

You just been jolted awake by a 110 decibel siren at 3am!

Would you race out to the codepad and turn the alarm off because you don’t want to upset the neighbours?

Would you grab a weapon and walk through the house looking for an intruder

Or perhaps you’d call the police.

The best you could hope for is that the intruder is driven away by the unwanted noise and the attention it will bring.

Is that what will happen in all situations?

Who can say?.

And does it really matter anyway?

Fortunately most of us will never experience a home invasion.

Early Warning Perimeter Alarm

But if someone is prowling around outside home or trying to break into your car, an early warning system offers the best defense.

When an intruder is detected you are woken by an insistent by not ear-piercing alert tone long before the intruder is at the vulnerable doors and windows of your home.

Now you’ve got options.

You can turn on your lights, activate the panic alarm on your home alarm system, call a friend, neighbour or police.

The key difference is that now you have a degree of control.

Now that would seems to me  offer a real sense of security and peace of mind.

Read more about Early Warning Perimeter Alarms here

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