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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important components of a good home security system, but are often hidden from view or otherwise obscured.
The strobe is a high-intensity blue light that is mounted on the external siren cover. If your alarm is triggered, the following sequence of events occur:
1 – All the sirens in your system start (internal screamers and external siren)
2 – The blue strobe light starts to flash
3 – The automatic dialler in the control panel alerts the monitoring station (if the alarm is monitored) or it sends an alert to your mobile phone.
After 2 minutes, the sirens stop, however the strobe light continues to flash until you arrive home and disarm the system with your code or remote control.
Hopefully you can see what an important job the strobe does – if it’s NOT flashing when you arrive home, it let’s you know that the system hasn’t been triggered while you were away, and everything will be exactly as you left it.
If, however, the light is flashing, it’s warning that the alarm has been triggered and extra care should be taken before going inside.

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