Risco Agility 4 Intruder alarm and CCTV-in-One

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Includes Installation, Training and GST

The Intelligent Wireless Camera and Security System

A Combined Camera System And Alarm System – Controlled By You In A Single FREE App

The latest Risco Agility 4 Alarm System is a clever ‘Next Generation’ alarm system that gives you more control over your home security….A LOT more.

It uses the same infra-red motion sensors that other systems use with one important difference…. it also has a color camera built in.

If an intruder enters your property, the infra-red sensor detects his movement and sounds an ear-splitting siren in your home.

At the same time, the camera takes a series of snap-shots and immediately sends them to your Smartphone…you get to see EXACTLY what caused the alarm.

It is the best alarm system with cameras currently available

More information. Better decisions

The Risco Agility 4 protects your home using motion sensors with built-in day/night cameras. If the alarm is tripped you’ll be kept fully informed thanks to the free Risco app. You’ll never be left wondering why the alarm was triggered – the Agility 4 will send you up to 5 snap-shots of the event. Agility 4 is the only professional-grade security system that sends alarm messages AND images to your smartphone using the beautiful FREE app. And it’s NBN compatible.

Free App So You Can Stay In Touch No Matter Where You Are

Arm and disarm your system from anywhere using your smartphone.

Receive real-time notifications if the alarm is triggered.

The Agility 4 sends 5 snap-shots taken at 1-second intervals from the sensor that caused the alarm.

UPDATE: Add One or More Risco Vu-Point CCTV Cameras and Receive High Definition Video Clips of Alarm Events. More Details Below…

You can use the app to request a snap-shot from any camera sensor at any time.

Accidentally left a window open? Bypass the sensor in that room and rearm the rest of the home – from anywhere.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words….

These images from a Risco Agility 4 Eyewave camera clearly show someone in the home that shouldn’t be there.

The pictures make it obvious that it’s not a false alarm and requires an immediate response such as calling the police.

And because you have ‘Visual Verification’ of an actual intruder the police treat the call as a crime in progress meaning you get a priority response.

Note: The Risco Eyewave camera sensors use a quality ‘Day/Night’ camera. The images are usually in color but switch to black & white when the light level is low to maintain the best possible image quality – as demonstrated in these real images.

This Package Includes


With LOUD built-in internal siren, voice announcements, battery back-up.

The ideal system for all home security systems from a basic 3 zone system to a full perimeter and intelligent CCTV system.

Capacity for 32 wireless detectors


Wire-free so it can be installed anywhere in your home.

Arm your alarm in ‘away or ‘night’ mode for continuous protection while you sleep.

Full illuminated 2-line LCD display.


Risco’s advanced motion sensor with built-in color camera.

Optimized camera lens for wide viewing angle while motion sensor maintains maximum catch performance.

3 Eye-waves are included in the standard kit. The system has capacity for a total of 32.


Rugged and splash-proof. The remote controls have arm, disarm, night mode and panic functions.


Loud 110 decibel siren and powerful LED strobe light. An effective visual deterrent to any would-be intruder. Completely wireless with 4-5 year battery life.


The Risco app is your control and monitoring centre.

Arm, disarm and receive alarms and system notifications, snap-shots, live and recorded video,control outputs etc etc etc. (IOS and Android)

Includes access to the desktop command centre…FREE


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Introducing Agility 4 Video Verification


The latest Agility 4 system from Risco brings all the advantages of the Risco Agility 4

PLUS event-based 1080p HD video

The ONLY Integrated Professional Alarm System with HD Video:

  • Receive video clips and alerts ONLY when intruder activity is detected
  • View and Live recorded CCTV anytime from your smartphone
  • Advanced cybersecurity powered by Risco cloud


 Traditional CCTV is useless at Crime Prevention. All it can do is:

  1. Offer a visual deterrent to intruders. Make no mistake, this is better than nothing. However with cameras absolutely everywhere now, you can’t depend solely on the camera’s deterrent effect to prevent a crime being committed.
  2. Record the event so you can watch it later – after the crime has already been committed!
  3. Provide a live feed to your smart phone…


…the chances of you logging on to your smartphone at the precise moment an intruder is on your property is very low. (Well let’s face it, its ZERO!)

Once the ‘novelty’ of having CCTV installed at your home has worn off, you will rarely pull your phone out to check your cameras. That would be like opening your front door every few minutes to check if you have a visitor!

What’s missing from traditional CCTV is the crucial third element….

….Real Time Notification of a crime BEFORE it is committed!

This is information you simply don’t get with a traditional CCTV system

Here’s How Risco Agility 4 PLUS works:

1. Reliable externally mounted sensors are strategically placed on the perimeter of your home or business. One or sometimes two are sufficient. The sensor detects the presence of a person approaching your vulnerable windows and doors. The sensors have a high immunity to cats, birds, swaying trees and rodents.

2. A Risco HD camera is installed to capture the intruder as he triggers the sensor. You can log on to this camera at any time. Sound can also be recorded and easily heard from the app. The camera can also be set to record 24/7 by adding the Risco Network Video Recorder.

3. Sending an alarm to your smartphone within seconds! The alarm tells you exactly which sensor was triggered followed by a 30 second HD video clip showing you exactly why the alarm was triggered. The Risco app will make a unique alert tone when an alarm notification is received, not just a beep like some inferior apps.

Now you’re in control.

You have video verification at the right time, from the right camera automatically!

No scrolling through videos, or switching between your alarm system app, back to your CCTV app, wasting valuable response time.

All the information you need to take the appropriate response is delivered right to the palm of your hand on the FREE Risco App

Your response could be to:

  • Activate a loud siren to let the intruder know you’re on to him (before he gets inside)
  • Call a neighbour or friend and ask them to attend
  • Contact the police and let them know you have video verification of a crime in progress. (This moves your request for police attendance much higher up the list than a report from a ‘traditional’ alarm system.)

The video evidence is saved in the Risco Cloud for 30 days…for FREE.

No subscription or monitoring plan required!

Feel Safer When you’re At Home with Risco 4 Agility 

A popular feature of the Agility 4 Plus is the ability arm the outside perimeter of your home while you sleep.

If someone approaches your vulnerable doors or windows you’ll receive a low-level alert inside to wake you. (Not a deafening siren that will scare you to death!).

As an option the system can sound a warning outside where the intruder is – he knows he’s been detected!

Your phone will also give you an alert and deliver you recorded footage or…

Click the Live View button on the app to see what’s happening outside in real-time.

Need Police Response?

There’s a programmable ‘speed-dial’ button on the app where you can store any phone number – police, neighbour, friend, whoever you choose!

The Agility 4 Plus High Definition CCTV option is available right now from Melbourne Alarms.

It can be added to the Agility 4 Package to provide an integrated alarm and CCTV solution that is actually useful in providing an early warning alert BEFORE an intruder breaks into your home or business.

This system has been tested by our team in several ‘real-life’ situations for six months – with outstanding results.

There is nothing else like it on the market

We are now proud to offer this unique, reliable and comprehensive security solution.

Melbourne Alarms are the Experts in Video Verification Systems.

  • Hundreds of video verification systems installed
  • All systems and equipment we offer is tested by our experts for 3 months in real-life situations before we add it to our list of Melbourne Alarm Approved Systems. Make no mistake – this is not a gimmicky half-baked system that you might find on cheap electronics sites on the internet.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the system you shouldn’t have to keep it. Call Robyn in our office within 30 days of installation. We’ll remove the system and return every cent of your money, no questions asked.


Here’s an extract from a very good article by Barrie Police Department in Canada. (Read the full article here)


The best alarm systems for residences are designed for perimeter protection; to prevent the intruder from entering the premises.

Systems that rely on interior protection alone present two potential problems. First, they allow the criminal to enter the home before the alarm is sounded. When there are occupants in the home, the danger is obvious. Secondly, due to the nature of the component parts of these systems, they cannot be used without limiting normal family activity within the home.

Most important, however, is the simple fact that perimeter protection emphasizes personal safety, while interior protection primarily protects property.

From a practical standpoint, however, probably the greatest degree of protection is afforded by a system that combines perimeter protection with one or more interior “sensors” that can be turned on or off independently of the perimeter devices. Since no system is fool-proof, this procedure provides “backup” protection in the event an intruder succeeds in violating the perimeter. In addition, it makes practical the design of a “limited” perimeter system – one that protects the most vulnerable accesses but not every means of entry through the perimeter. Care should be exercised in such situations to utilize devices that practical in terms of freedom from accidental activation and which blend with the family’s life style.

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