Including installation & GST

Built-in motion sensing technology detects a visitor approaching the door and alerts you, even if they don’t press the doorbell.

What Does It Do?

  • Free App, free storage and playback of video clips captured by motion sensing. No subscription charges
  • Manually activate the camera and microphone at any time to see and hear activity at the front door
  • Ideal upgrade for an existing hardwired ‘ding-dong’ type doorbell – uses existing wiring
  • Connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to provide 2-way audio and video between the front door and your smartphone using FREE Hikvision App
  • Stores all
  • Detects a visitor approaching the door and sends a notification to your smartphone
  • Deter potential intruders
  • No more surprise visitors
  • Be alerted as a courier arrives with a delivery
  • You can even speak to the visitor, even though they haven’t pushed the doorbell!
  • Night vision LEDs – 5 metre range
  • 1080p Video
  • Log on to your camera anytime from anywhere – see and hear what’s happening outside your home
  • See anything suspicious? Record the event to video and audio from your smartphone.
  • Back-lit call button so visitors can see the doorbell at night
  • Optional ‘ding-dong’ door chime can be installed inside your home in case your phone is off
  • Will only call 1 smartphone
  • Install an option SD memory card to record and playback video calls from your phone
  • Can integrate to an existing HikVision Network Video Recorder
  • Comes with 4 ‘snap-on’ covers to blend with most decors: Contemporary Charcoal, Fresh White, Silver and Black
  • Our price includes installation, power supply set-up and training

Recommended For:

  1. New installation in a single storey home or office
  2. Two-storey homes – as replacement for a traditional chime (ding-dong) or older audio or video intercom
  3. New buildings – cabling can be installed during frame stage


  1. Ding-dong style chime can be installed in the hallway or kitchen. Handy if you’re phone is turned off or in ‘silent’ mode
  2. 4 different coloured covers
  3. Will only call 1 smartphone. See Aiphone JO Deluxe video intercom if you need a system that will ring up to 8 smartphones.


  1. Sufficient Wi-Fi signal must be available at front door
  2. You need your Wi-Fi name and password so we can set the system up

Questions? Speak to one of our Experts!!

Things to consider when shopping for a video intercom:

  1. Intercoms need cabling. (Except the new Aiphone Cordless Video Intercom is completely wire free
  2. The Room Station needs to be connected to power. It also needs a cable run between it and the door station.
  3. If you want to view the intercom while you’re away from home or use it as a security device to deter intruders the room station will also need to be connected to your internet router (some intercom systems need a cable for this some models use wi-fi).
  4. If your intercom is for a single story home with ceiling access, any of the intercoms shown here can be used.
  5. If you’re building a new multi-level home, ask the electrician to run cables during the frame stage for your intercom. We can advise on type and locations of cabling.
  6. If you need a video intercom for a multi storey home or apartment AND you have an existing hardwired doorbell or older voice or video intercom any of the intercoms shown SHOULD be ok to use. (subject to site inspection)