The World’s Most Advanced Wireless Alarm System

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Heard of Hikvision? Neither had anyone until a few years ago. Now they’re the biggest manufacturer of cutting-edge CCTV systems in the world. They’re bigger than Swann, Samsung and even Bosch in the CCTV business. Now they’ve turned their innovative approach and technical expertise to produce…

The Best Full-Featured Wireless Security System Currently Available

Free Premium App | Pet-Friendly Sensors | CCTV Integration

Start with the Standard Kit fully installed for just $1,587.00 including GST

Add extra sensors, sirens, door switches and remotes from the accessories page

Here’s what you’ll get…

1 x Hikvision Smart Alarm Hub

  • Capacity for 32 alarm sensors,4 wireless sirens, 2 high definition cameras
  • Built-in siren
  • Voice prompts announces system status and alarm messages
  • Back-up battery
  • Four ‘partions’ – each controlled seperatley

3 x Wireless Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

  • Pet friendly up to 24 kilograms
  • 10 metre detection range
  • Latest two-way wireless technology – vastly improved performance over standard wireless PIRs
  • Long battery life – 3 years from a single low-cost lithium battery
  • Battery included

1 x Wireless Door or Window Switch

  • Detects a door or window opening
  • Doors and windows can be armed and monitored while you sleep
  • Unobtrusive modern design
  • Battery included

1 x Wireless Siren

  • Completely wireless – no restrictions on installation location
  • Loud 90 decibel siren
  • Built-in strobe light flashes when siren is activated
  • Attractive modern design

2 x Remote Controls

  • Robust water-resistant design
  • Arm, Disarm, Stay and Panic buttons
  • Panic button alerts all app users of trouble for immediate response
  • Conveniently arm or disarm your system from outside your home or office

Hikvision Self Monitoring App

  • Premium app with MORE FEATURES than you’ll ever use. For Free!
  • Arm and disarm your system
  • Receive instant alarm and system notifications with full custom description of the zone
  • Ust the app to customise the system settings – delays, siren run time and more
  • Add up to two HD cameras to video clip of alarm events

Wireless External Siren

  • Effective visual deterrent
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 5 Years
  • Tough polycarbonate – won’t rust


  • Training on system use
  • User manual written in Plain English
  • Deterrent stickers for your windows
  • Two year manufacturers warranty
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


Fully Installed for $1,587.00 including GST

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The Hikvision Axiom Security Alarm is Ideal For:

  • Homes of any size, Apartments and Townhouses
  • Shops
  • Small to Medium sized offices
  • Upgrading an existing hardwired security system to an app-controlled alarm with notifications
Quick, clean and efficient installation by licensed professional installers


Add your existing sensors and sirens to the Basic Kit. Easily convert your old system to a new app-based alarm. Speak To Our Team for Special Upgrade Pricing


Add low-cost output module to open and close your garage door from the app including 'door-left-open' alert.


Add HD cameras to get video clips sent with alarm notifications. See what caused the alarm so you can respond appropriatley

Standard Features

  • Start with the Standard Package and extend and expand if you need to
  • Set an automatic arming schedule so you can be sure the alarm is armed at critical times – completely customisable by you
  • Set the Entry and Exit delays, siren running time, siren volume and more from the app
  • Event history available from within the app
  • Use the app to program a name for each detector in your system Eg. Master Bedroom PIR, Reed Switch on Gun Safe etc
  • Four independant ‘Areas’ each seperatley controlled – it’s like having four alarm systems in one
  • ‘Late-to-Disarm’ Alert – this handy feature alerts you if the alarm has not been switched off by a certain time. Useful for knowing children have arrived home safely or that staff have arrived to open up the shop on time.
  • Set any sensor to Door-bell mode to alert you to movement in an area even when the alarm is turned off
  • Voice prompts from the Alarm Hub confirm when you’ve armed or disarmed the system
  • Alarm Hub runs on its own back-up battery if the mains power fails
  • The system can be monitored by a professional monitoring company (Eg. Chubb, ADT etc) to comply with some insurance company requirements

Smart Home Features

  • Open and close your garage door using the app
  • Add a ‘Garage Door Left Open’ alert
  • Add up to two high definition CCTV cameras. When the alarm is triggered you’ll not only receive the notification on the app but also a 20 second HD video clip showing EXACTLY what caused the alarm
  • Connect to the CCTV cameras at any time to get a live view of your home, shop or office
  • Control lights, sprinkers, sirens, in fact anything that can be turned on and off by a switch – from within the app
  • Connect our home security perimeter beam alarm to provide an early warning of an intruder coming on to your property or prowling around your boat, caravan, work ute, shed, windows etc. Find Out More >

Accessories and Ad-ons for the Hikvision Wireless Alarm System

All prices include GST and installation by a Melbourne Alarms licensed professional installer


Wireless Infra-Red motion sensor (PIR)

Pet -friendly to 24 Kg.

Includes 3volt lithium battery


Wireless Door or Window switch

Includes battery

Wireless Door or Window switch

Includes battery


Reliable Wireless Outdoor PIR.

12 metre detection range. Will not detect rodents, birds or trees when set-up correctly. 18 month battery life

Includes battery


Wireless External Siren with Blue Strobe.

Batteries included


Wireless Internal Siren with Strobe Light.

Battery included


Wireless Panic Button Wall mountable. Can also be installed at front door and set to operate as a door bell.

Battery included


Wireless Output Expander Two Channel.

Used for controlling garage door, lights etc from the app


Wireless Input Expander Single Channel. Used to connect existing hardwired sensors to Hikvision wireless alarm system


Portable Panic Button. Activates sirens and alerts all app users when both buttons are pressed simultaneously. Battery included

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