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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

Did you know most alarm systems can send an alert to your mobile phone? As an alternative to back-to base monitoring, your alarm system can dial up to 3 telephone numbers and alert you if the alarm has been triggered.
The Bosch  Solution 880 for example, will dial your mobile number if the alarm is triggered. When you answer the phone, you hear a siren tone which lets you know that your alarm has activated, prompting you to implement your response plan.
This is a fairly basic level of monitoring because you don’t know which detector has been triggered but for some customers  it’s  all they require.
All you need is a normal telephone line (not VOIP).  All you pay for is the cost of the phone call between your house (the alarm panel) and your mobile phone if the alarm is triggered – there are no on-going monitoring costs.
Of course, you need to be in a mobile phone coverage area and your phone needs to be on for you to receive the alert.


The New Bosch Solution 6000 can be fitted with an optional Voice Module. This clever little board is overlooked by lots of installers as a self-monitoring tool but I believe it is superior to SMS, Email or the basic alerting function that I mentioned above.
Here’s how it works:
If your alarm has been triggered, the Solution 6000 will dial up to TEN telephone numbers.
When the call is answered, the system proceeds to TELL you which detector has been triggered in your own voice.For example, the system will say” Alarm from sensor in Family Room, Alarm from sensor in Master Bedroom, Alarm from sensor in Kitchen”
You can also turn the alarm panel on or off from anywhere using any phone or call it to find out if it’s on or off.
As well as letting you know about intruder alarm messages, the Solution 6000 also rings to advise of so-called “System Events” such as Mains Failure, Low Battery, Panic Alarm, so you can determine how you will respond. For example if you receive a Mains Fail warning, you know the system will operate quite happily on the back-up battery for around 24 hours so an immediate response is not really required. If you received a Panic Alarm message, that would obviously require  urgent action.
What this really does is make YOU the Monitoring Centre because you have full reporting and control functions. I have convinced lots of our previously monitored alarm customers (by that I mean these customers pay $25.00 per month to a monitoring centre) to install the Bosch Solution 6000 and monitor the system themselves.

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