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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

We all know about the common sense things we can do to make our homes less attractive to burglars. Basic things such as closing windows before leaving home, deadlocking external doors and asking a neighbor to clear the letterbox while you’re away all make a lot of sense.
There are some other basic things you can do that you may not have considered:

  • Install a ‘dummy’ siren box and blue strobe light on the front of your home
  • Place some Warning stickers on your windows (Warning. This Home Is Protected By A Monitored Alarm System)
  • Install a “dummy” surveillance camera in a prominent place on the front or side of your home.

These things are all relatively inexpensive (less than $100.00 if you do it yourself) and are available from Dick Smith, Bunnings or Jaycar. The extra effort in taking some of these measures is definitely worth the effort.

Why It Works

It seems that thieves are not entirely stupid!
The fact is any thief worth his salt knows he’s not going to get thousands of dollars worth of goods from your home. At most he will take some jewellery, maybe an i-Pad or camera and any cash that may be lying around.
Believe it or not he will probably not take your plasma TV, your laptop and definitely not your desktop computer.
Because there is no second-hand market for these goods. He can’t sell them quickly – if at all.
No-one is likely to give a crook $500.00 for your laptop when a newer, faster, better laptop can be purchased at Officeworks or JB HiFi for $400.00! Same goes for TVs – no matter how big they are. Jewellery however is a different matter. These items can be easily concealed in a pocket and are easy to sell. It makes no sense to the thief therefore to force entry into a home that has an alarm system and camera system installed (even if the siren and camera are ‘dummys’).
Why risk triggering an alarm and getting caught for the sake of the couple of hundred dollars when there are plenty of other homes that don’t have any deterrents whatsoever?
You have effectively made your home “Burglar-Proof!”

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