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1 – Do you have a single-story home? NO

2 – Do you need pet-friendly sensors? YES

3 – Do you want door and/or window protection? YES

4 – Do you want the flexibility to add cameras, outdoor detectors, or home automation features either now or in the future? NO

Based on your answers, the Pyronix-Hikvision AX Pro security system would suit your needs. We also found oNE other system that would Also Be ideal

*Match* - Pyronix-Hikvision AX PRO Full Wireless Security System

The Best Overall System - Suitable for any situation - Our most popular system!

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Worst Feature

Another Pet-Friendly System that's just right for you....

*Match* - Bosch Solution 3000 Wireless Alarm with Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

Best 'No-Frills' Pet-Friendly Alarm from a Well Known Brand

Bosch_solution_3000_with Wireless_pet_sensors

Best Features

Worst Features

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