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Last updated: 1 October, 2023

Some people view Back to Base monitoring (an optional service that connects your home alarm system to a 24 hour Control Room for a monthly fee) as  unnecessary. The view seems to be  “Well I’ve really got nothing to steal, and anyway the sound of the siren will scare off any burglars and alert my neighbors”. Another reason that people give is “By the time the police get to my house, the intruders will be long gone”. So why would anyone want monitoring? What are the benefits?
1 – Discount on Home Insurance
Many insurance companies offer a discount on Contents Insurance if you have a monitored alarm. In some cases the insurance company will insist on monitoring.
2 – Guaranteed Response.
Lets be honest – there’s really no way of telling how long it will take for the police or a patrol service attend an alarm at your premises – its usually within 30 minutes but it could be longer. But you should be comforted that somebody will definitely attend. Now, the intruder probably wont be caught at the scene, but a patrolman or the police can advise you (or your nominated contact) if a window has been broken or a door kicked in so arrangements can be made to quickly secure your home. Its bad enough having an intruder in your home while you’re out, so you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable after he’s gone – especially if your away on holiday. By the way, beware of security companies or salesmen who say they CAN guarantee a response time – they are lying!
3 – Panic Buttons
Most systems installed in the last 10 years or so have a Panic Button built in to he codepad. Activation of the Panic Button will sound the sirens, flash the strobe light and send an emergency signal to the monitoring station. The monitoring station will advise the police who will attend as a priority.
4 – System Alarms
As well as intruder alarms and panic alarms, there are a number of other “system events” that can be sent to the monitoring station for appropriate action: Low or faulty back-up battery, Mains fail, Motion sensor fault, Cable fault.

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